What It Means to Be Awesome, According to a Philosopher

Wochit Headline News - Friday, 13 October 2017  (6 days ago)
You've probably thought that you're awesome at some point in your life, but what does that mean from a philosophical standpoint? Nick Riggle, author of "On Being Awesome: A Unified Theory of How Not to Suck." thinks its about open mindedness in social situations. โ€œawesomeโ€ is often being used in a distinctive social sense to talk about people and actions that bring people together in a certain way," says riggle, "... being awesome is being good at creating โ€œsocial openings.โ€ Basically, youโ€™re awesome when youโ€™re comfortable being yourself and you make others feel comfortable doing the same. Itโ€™s all about letting people be who they want to be

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