Blake Lively's Sexual Assault Story is Terrifying

Splash TV - Friday, 13 October 2017  (4 days ago)
The revelation of past sexual assault incidents in Hollywood continue to emerge, and Blake Lively is just the latest to share her story. And hers is a truly terrifying one. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the 30 year old recalled the moment she was sexually harassed by a makeup artist while working on a project. She says he would say inappropriate thing, insisting on putting her lipstick on with his finger… and how one night she fell asleep on location and woke up to find him filming her. She told the producers about the incident on multiple occasions but they apparently didn’t do anything about it. After 3 months of complaining the producers called her into her trailer and said they need to talk… and she thought they were going to do something about the man who had been touching her all day… but it turned out the producers were complaining that her dog pooped behind the toilet in her dressing room, and a janitor had to clean it up, and this was a very serious infraction and can never happen again. Blake went on to tell her lawyer about the harassment and the makeup artists was eventually removed after an investigation was conducted. Crazy, right?

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