Republican Party (United States)

Major political party in the United States

The Republican Party, also referred to as the GOP, is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, along with its main rival, the Democratic Party.

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A large, diffuse and unyielding field of candidates is helping Bernie Sanders dominate. Republicans who tried to beat Donald J. Trump in 2016 see parallels.
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 6 hours ago

President Donald Trump's campaign said on Wednesday it plans to open information centers for black voters in 15 cities in battleground states in hopes of..
Credit: Reuters - Published 6 hours ago

The head of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, Republican Senator Richard Shelby, said on Wednesday Congress should provide the Trump administration with..
Credit: Reuters - Published 7 hours ago

Surging front-runner Bernie Sanders came under fire early in the Democratic debate in South Carolina on Tuesday, as rival Michael Bloomberg said Russia was..
Credit: Reuters - Published 1 day ago

An effort to encourage conservatives to participate in the state’s open primary for Democrats is meant to show the process’s flaws. Chaos, organizers said,..
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 1 day ago

Senate GOP and Democratic leaders voiced opposite views Tuesday on whether the White House is prepared for a possible coronavirus outbreak in the United States...
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 day ago

U.S. Senate Republicans on Tuesday reacted skeptically to the Trump administration's request to continue a controversial but inactive domestic surveillance..
Credit: Reuters - Published 1 day ago

The Senate will weigh how much money is needed to prepare for the nation's coronavirus response, a top Republican senator said on Tuesday, adding that short-term..
Credit: Reuters - Published 1 day ago

Chris Taylor was running for Congress in Arizona's 1st Congressional District as a Republican.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 day ago

Bernie Sanders' surge to the front of the Democratic presidential contest has echoes of Donald Trump's improbable 2016 nomination, according to Republican..
Credit: Reuters - Published 1 day ago

U.S. Republican President Donald Trump has intensified his administration's fight in recent weeks against Democratic-led "sanctuary" jurisdictions that limit..
Credit: Reuters - Published 2 days ago

Ronny Jackson is one of 15 candidates in a crowded Republican primary. And the White House hasn’t gone out of its way to help.
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 2 days ago

Bernie Sanders praised portions of Cuba's socialist system. That's rarely a winning proposition in Florida, home to many Cuban Americans.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 2 days ago

Senate Republicans could have taken a lesson from 1868 and forced Trump to pledge good behavior before they cast votes against impeachment witnesses.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 3 days ago

President Trump’s national security adviser intimated that the Russians were backing Bernie Sanders, as Joe Biden blamed Mr. Trump and other Republicans for..
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 3 days ago

The Kremlin on Friday denied it was interfering in the 2020 U.S. presidential campaign to boost Republican President Donald Trump's re-election chances following..
Credit: Reuters - Published 6 days ago

A statement in a London court put a twist on a previously known attempt by a Republican congressman to get the WikiLeaks founder to absolve Russia of election..
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 1 week ago

Carbon tax plan has backing from Republican luminaries and is more likely to achieve common ground than the most sweeping 'Green New Deal': Our view
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 week ago

Michael Bloomberg is trying to hide his Republican New York City mayoral record.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 week ago

Leading Ann Richards in 1990, he was undone by a spate of blunders. He was the last Republican to date to lose a race for governor of Texas.
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 1 week ago

While Trump used his star power and shamelessness to execute a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, Bloomberg is purchasing Democrats' affection.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 week ago

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