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Maine is the northernmost state in the northeastern United States. Maine is the 12th smallest by area, the 9th least populous, and the 13th least densely populated of the 50 U.S. states. Located in New England, it is bordered by New Hampshire to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quรฉbec to the northeast and northwest, respectively. Maine is the only state to border exactly one other state, is the easternmost among the contiguous United States, and is the northernmost state east of the Great Lakes.

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A group of residents from an island town in Maine cut down a tree and dragged it into the middle of a road.
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 4 days ago

On the coast of Maine, Eric Baldwin and his staff usually spend their days selling, and repairing sails for boats. Now, they've turned their sewing machines to a..
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 6 days ago

Drummer Steven Hamblen practiced social distancing by playing in the snow in Gorham, Maine.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 week ago

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