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Unions in South Africa have since the start of the pandemic been raising concerns about safety in hospitals as well as the availability, quality and size of..
2 hours ago • SBS



Blast hit the port area of Lebanon’s capital, damaging buildings across the city      
2 hours ago • VOA News


Lebanon, whose capital Beirut was rocked on Tuesday by huge explosions that killed dozens, is mired in its worst economic crisis in decades and unprecedented..
16 hours ago • VOA News

Al Jazeera

Rights activists say arrest of news outlet’s source is latest blow to press freedom in Malaysia
6 hours ago • VOA News


Students in Indian-controlled Kashmir have had a difficult year.  Authorities closed schools in August 2019 after political disturbances in..
15 hours ago • VOA News


At least 15 dead after explosion caused by gas leak, reports say
2 hours ago • VOA News

George Floyd

Senate Judiciary Committee told the FBI opened first of more than 300 investigations within three days of Floyd’s death that sparked nationwide protests
12 hours ago • VOA News

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