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Galaxy S

We're less than a month out from Samsung officially unveiling its new flagship phones, which naturally means they'll be leaked to oblivion well..
7 hours ago • Mashable


Pressley Reveals

On Thursday, in a powerful video for the Root, Rep. Ayanna Pressley revealed she has alopecia, an autoimmune disorder characterized by hair loss.ย 

9 hours ago • Mashable

Turner / Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are back and they remain in full Wife Guy mode.

The trio dropped their first single of 2020, and with it came a fun new music video..
13 hours ago • Mashable

Zero Dawn

Rumor has it that Horizon Zero Dawn is about to become the first 1st-party PlayStation 4 exclusive game to make the jump to PC. Hereโ€™s hoping that, if itโ€™s..
8 hours ago • The Next Web


Joe Biden is angry at Facebook โ€” and wants to fundamentally change the internet because of it.

In an interview with the New York Times editorial..
8 hours ago • Mashable

Charlize Theron

Between racking up a bunch of producer credits, filming two Fast & Furious movies, and knocking out more Dior commercials than you can shake a perfume bottle at,..
17 hours ago • Mashable


Among many things, 2019-2020 might go down in history as the streaming service explosion. Thanks to the massive influx of streaming services rolling out over the..
10 hours ago • Mashable


No, New Hampshire residents wonโ€™t be able to pay their taxes in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Public records show that aย billย filed this time last year, which..
17 hours ago • The Next Web

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