Review: Dolittle is a boring mess

Credit: Lainey Gossip- Published on January 17, 2020
Cats broke me. I can no longer tell what is “good” and what is “bad”. There is only “Cats” and “not Cats”. In that sense, Robert Downey, Jr.’s new movie, Dolittle, is not Cats. I don’t know if that makes it good by default, or just not Cats. What I do know about Dolittle is that it stars RDJ sportin...

Credit: Wochit
Published on January 16, 2020 -  00:35
"Dolittle" Is A Disaster
Robert Downey Jr. stars as Dr. Dolittle in "Dolittle." The movie is out. According to the Washington Post, it's being called the first worst film of 2020. "It is anti-cinema … a calamity for the ages.” — Bilge Ebiri, Vulture "Flatulence is involved — the whole exercise feels utterly lifeless, and a conspicuous waste of time and, given the special effects, what looks like a ridiculous amount of money.” — Brian Lowry, CNN “There really is no excuse for the harm done to Downey." — Peter Travers, Rolling Stone “The movie is shockingly unfunny, largely boring, and a waste of talent ... it may set a new record in that regard.” — Germain Lussier, i09

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