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- a search in biloxi is ongoing - for an individual who went- missing in- the tchoutacabouff a river on - saturday.

- accoring to marine patrol, it - happened on the 18 hundred bloc- of popps ferry road in biloxi - behind arbor landing on the - river apartments..- the mississippi department of - marine resources and- mississippi department of - wildlife, fisheries and - parks are actively searching- for the person who- went underwater and has still - not resurfaced.

- captain barry delcambre urges - boaters, kayakers, and- others to use extreme caution - while on any of the rivers, and- to never interact with- alligators or feed them.- if anyone has any information - please call marine patrol at- 228-523-4134- - 31 year old octavius montego- - - - black has been charged with - capital murder after a woman wa- found dead- in her driveway.- moss point police say that blac- turned himself in - saturday to police in prentiss.- betty j.

Vaughans was found dea- thursday- morning by a relative, with her- cadillac escalade missing.- moss point police chief brandon- ashley says black and - the 58-year-old vaughans were - arguing about the escalade, - leading to her being hit by the- suv.- ashley says the two were known- to each other.- the 2003 escalade was also- recovered in prentiss.- black is being held without bai- at the jackson county jail.

- it's unclear whether he has a - lawyer to speak for him.- - an 81st training wing airman- stationed at keesler air- force base was found dead today- the name of the deceased active- - - - duty u.s. air force airman will- not be released until 24 hours- after next of kin - notification.

- 81st training wing commander, - col.

Debra lovette- released a statement saying "ou thoughts and prayers are- with the family and friends of- our airman.

We are all deeply - saddened by this tragic loss in- our dragon family."

The exact cause and nature of - the death is still under- investigation.- - one woman is dead following a - serious crash on i-10 in hancoc- county saturday evening.- according to mississippi highwa- patrol, it appeared a - toyota 4 runner was traveling - east on i-10 when the driver- lost- control of the vehicle and went- into the median and crashed int- a culvert, went into a tree lin- where it rolled several times,- ejecting three of the six - - - - occupants.

The driver and four- other passengers were - transported to area hospitals - with injuries.- 36 year old christian gilliard- of austell, georgia - was pronounced dead at hancock- medial center from injuries - sustained in the crash.

- the investigation is still- ongoing.- - - - - now, here's meteorologist payto- malone, with a quick look - at your weather.- - - - - wxxv >> the writing as we finis up this week to begin the next is exactly what happened today still felt a bit like summer at times to 90 was our temperature today.

88 elsewhere operating system much will be expected to be within about a two grade range regarding droplets of the upper 70s cool off a little bit more tonight, but the summerlike conditions are quite done.

The next couple of days will still see seem that way still see a few afternoon showers punishmen popping up to degrees also increase windsor will bring in more moisture will talk about all the reasons for that coming out tonight though not expectin too much is mostly clear nice evening ahead with light winds 24 is recommended temperature for the evening a handful weather forecast me up ... i think the line from bay st.

Louis catholic classic cars to the gulf coast vice born this past week and set the standard for the future of cruising the coat five gabby easter was without kristin central today for the closing ceremonies and the help present thinking is different.

This is the ... engines were ran and over 8400 classic cars industry south mississippi this year's christmas break last year's number of vehicle everything fell in place via my phone didn't ring quite as much as it hasn't so all the preplanning that we did take came together in an largely all-out coast 28 day on sunday.

The wrap party thousand - director:"make a wish and cruisin the coast have been dollars- having a relationship for the - past 16 years.

So we've been- working together for a lot of - fun and a lot of good wishes."

Some of these wishes granted fo- little asher who was born - with a cogential heart defect,- but by the grace of make a wish- got - the chance to go to disney worl- to meet his favorite- character mickey mouse.

- from those camero ticket sales- alone cruisin' the coast- was able to present a check for- 30 thousand dollars to make a - wish.

- shellie moses/south mississippi- make a wish - director:"honestly it was a hug surprise.

Their goal every year- is to make sure they can- grant at least three wishes and- they've up their antie this yea- which is a great thing.

I - mean that means more kids can - have a wish come true.

So i was- pleasantly surprised- and very happy."

Gabby easterwood/news 25:"this year's cruisin' the coast may b- over, but registration for next- year is open and they already - have over 800 cars in the mix."

Woody bailey/cruisin' the coast- director:"we're off to a great start.

We got a lot- of people signed up for next- year and everything is looking- great.

If we have some more - sunshine like this next year- it'll be another awesome event- for the - gulf coast."

In gulfport, gabby easterwood - news 25.- - - - - hundreds piled into m-g-m park- on saturday for field of wheels- an invitational exiotic car sho- right on the field where our- beloved biloxi shuckers play.

- this free event was filled with- cars were that were invited - straight from the governor- himself..

- many of these beauties have - already won many awards, but- the governor and special guests- like the beach boys gave- out their own awards..- this event was more than just - fancy cars and prizes..

It was- also a fundraiser for the cente- for medically fragile - children the governor and his - wife are starting up.

- the mississippi center for- medically fragile children will- be- located in jackson that will- house and give short or - long-term care for children in- need... - those that were invited felt- honored to be choosen by the- governor and to be apart of - field of wheels as well as- cruisin'- the coast.- - jimmy shaw/participant:"it's just a special event more or- less for the- governor and the charity and i'- just glad to be here."

Lionel dowling/participant from- metairie la:"people here are so friendly, i love mississippi an- the gulf coast.

It's just they- - - - treat us like kings here and- they respect your car you watch- the people walk around- these cars and they are all car- people."

Field of wheels raised 100 and- - - - 75 thousand dollars for the - center... - - saturday cruisin' the coast had- highway 90 at a standstill and- every venue packed... one of- those site's being the- edgewater mall parking lot wher- cruisiers were the life of- the party.- this location had all of kinds- of classic cars lined up for- people to come look and talk to- the owners about.

- this was one of the many- cruisin' locations with live- music, food - vendors, and cruisin' - memorbilia.

- you could see cruisers of all - ages having a great time in the- beautiful weather.- volunteers and cruisers alike - were just glad to be out and- soaking up the last full day of- america's biggest block - party.- - joey vining/louisiana - cruiser:"i've been coming to cruisin' the coast for 12 years- to- show my lsu car off.

It's about- the only car show i put it in.- love it every year.

Would - never miss it."terry ward/site manager:"saturday here at the mall is - spectator day is what we like t- call it.

It's just full of- folks.

If you look at the - outskirts of our- boundaries you'll see spectator- cars everywhere.

They love it.- - - - lively crowds like this one - could be seen all along the - coast - for this year's cruisin'... and- coordinators hope for this and- much more for 20-19.- - the ohr o'keefe art museum in - biloxi brought back their fall- festival on saturday... with a- few new add ons for south - mississippians to enjoy.- the inagural george e.

Ohr art- and beer festival had - over 20 craft beer breweries- participate, and many south - mississippians came out for a - taste.- yeasty beasty based out of- d'iberville hosted a home - brewing competition, that the - public got to try and vote on a- winner.

- there were local artists sellin- their art as well as- community art car projects the- public could add onto.- the museum is glad to have- revived this festival and for - it to have been such a success.- - natalea thomson/pr and marketin- director ohr o'keefe museum:"th museum- hasn't held a fall festival in- three years and we've got a new- team, a new staff and - we felt like it was perfect - timing and so we really wanted- to pull the community - together.

Craft beer festivals- are kind of like a niche right- now and we wanted to jump on- the bandwagon."

- - - a niche right now and we wanted- to jump on the bandwagon."

The museum hopes to make this - art and beer festival an- annual event.

- - meteorologist ryan mahan will - have a full forecast after- the break.... - plus... - the forest hill high school - band's performance is - causing some controvery after - part of the show depicts- gun violence... details are - striaght ahead.

- - welcome back south mississippi looking at the six hour doppler radar single cloud cover was seen the showers and storms tha we saw ... wxxv >> scattered about the area throughout the afternoon and early evening, not so much happening on the last two hours to all of this act he was a tim eating induced and will see mor about open today's expecting it to be a bit rainier then maybe you want to be going towards looking here for tonight.

I expect to be mostly clear, will be another nice night just like the last few of them very light winds, but they are starting to seem almost calm when the last couple days is what is to be between about 5 mph to 10 miles for our where you are the coastline for the rest of the night is winds will increase in the next couple of days getting a bit breezy going for now as w have it tomorrow will see some of those breezy conditions righ around 10 mph are those expecte winds coming out of the use tha rain also moving in still going to be hot and humid as well to today was a words around 90 upper 80s elsewhere.

I expect largely the same tomorrow.

Mose skies the heading of the afternoon thinking up and start seeing the showers.

The muslims popping up and still not know overtly organized or or frontal in any way huge thunderstorms: i do expect more rain that we've seen over the last couple days heading into tomorrow, which only increases tuesday and wednesday very before we find sources changes.

Most changes are significant, especially in terms of our fall weather.

And when that will be here rain chances continued to increase over the next few days will the budget to be a complete washout will mostly this to daytime heating.

Although front or moving animals that pass through the area by about wednesday tha active weather clears.

Either we can sourcing a lot of rain fron ended on this week things starting to clear out by the middle of the week and by the weekend were seeing a lot more sunshine and conditions coming in because cold front talk abou that in detail were also keepin inotropic tropical storm michael and other disturbances out ther going on was michael all or most of our thoughts on the next couple of days because that is very close to us, golden being in our direction ... , but spoiler alert.

I'm not excited about that intern or direction is be very close by to talk about all that later.

Of course is the kos has been goin on all week long.

Initially finished up earlier today with the last of their festivities now is all the classic cars are leaving the area.

The clouds moving in and also see that whe picking up just a bit more than it has been over the last coupl days is always pressure fields can come together tightening over the area that went to increase her winds so not a lot of moisture in the early knots all the way up towards northwes near oklahoma and north and northward into the midwest.

There locally.

Things looking pretty good high-pressure still holding strong source sinclair sky syndrome relatively drier air out there but it's finally starting to give way since we headed to tomorrow afternoon and showers and thunderstorms again scattered about the area, not a or anything but front starts warming is resort heading into tuesday and that will offer northwest and that will push through but not before we see michael start popping up not this point expected to be a hurricane.

It might have come a little bit closer towards the towards us if not for the sponsor watched as these two systems are coming together eventually gets forced off is that concert through the mall towards you.

So i'm expecting that swing east of us to give us very little activity almost nothing whatsoever pretty much what was sold but last through just to the east of us.

While the rain off towards their not a whole lot for us.

And again, it's all over the next couple o days, maxing there on tuesday before start to clear up as a group, finally bringing us fall like conditions.

Afternoon highs drop into the low 80s.

Once we write a nights.

Finally in the ...- a high school band performance- causes- controversy after part of the - show depicts gun violence.- this video was captured friday- night at a football game in - jackson, mississippi.

- during the half-time- performance... band members - from forest hill high school ca- be seen pushing another group - to the ground....then pulling - out weapons on- them.

- according to the reports... the- students were performing- a scene based loosely on the- movie "john q"... remaking hostage scene that included - guns.

- school officials with the - jackson public school district- have- issued a public apology.- the music director at forest- hill high school has been - place on administrative leave - until further notice.

- - tulane university is- investigating an alleged sexual- assault after a female student- reported she was assaulted by - a man who followed her into a - campus bathroom.- a female student at tulane- reported she was returning- to campus along with a group of- college aged males when they- entered dixon hall to use the - restroom.

- she said one of the men followe- her into the women's- - - - restroom where he assaulted her- the victim then returned to her- residence where she notified- tulane university police of the- incident.

The victim described- the subject as a white male,- tall, - with dark hair and facial hair,- last seen wearing a white - button-down shirt.- new orleans police are- investigating the incident alon- with university police.

- - up next,- judge brett kavanaugh is now a- supreme court justice and - ready to take his seat tuesday- and some are not happy..

We'll- have the controversial details- next when news 25 - returns.- - - brett kavanaugh is now a suprem- court justice.... and ready to- take his seat tuesday.- but the political ripple effect- from this contentious - fight are just being felt.... a- both liberals and conservative- voters look ahead to november's- mid-term elections... - and how their senators voted on- this controversial- confirmation.

- that story tonight from jennife- johnson in washington.- - already sworn in as a supreme - court justice....brett kavanaug- joins the high court- tuesday.

But the fallout- continues after a bitter- partisan fight.

- su/senator mazie hirono d-hawai- "he's going to be on the suprem court with a huge taint and a - big asterisk next to his- name."

President trump and other - republicans are celebrating.- su/senator lindsey graham,- r-south carolina- "i'm happy that those who tried to destroy his life fell short- and i'm glad that those who - tried to overturn the rule of - law and replace it with mob rul- lost."

Some senators who voted to- confirm kavanaugh are - now being targeted in their - re-election bids.

Maine senator- susan collins says she voted ye- because she believed accuser- dr. christine blasey ford had - the wrong man.- su/senator susan collins, - r-maine - "i do not believe that brett kavanaugh was her assailant.

I- do believe she was- assaulted...i don't know by - whom."

But democrat heidi heitkamp fro- red state north dakota said - she couldn't back kavanaugh - after his fiery performance - before the senate judiciary - committee...even if it costs he- in- november.

- su/senator heidi heitkamp,- d-north dakota- "even if you don't believe or believe dr. ford, the other - issue is one of temperment..the- other issue is one of - impartiality."

In the end... the gop got - kavanaugh through by a two- vote margin....the closest vote- for a supreme court justice - since 1881.

- standup - su/jennifer johnson reporting - "president trump will hold a formal swearing in ceremony for- kavanaugh monday- night at the white house....the- night before he takes his seat- on the high court.- " - - - - coming up,- running short on time for - cooking?

We'll show you how to- make healthy breakfast on the - go, next when news 25 returns.- stay with us!

- - wxxv >> talk about out there.

Notably leslie is out there tha was close stop there.

Don't know why is when that old thing: the back appeared to think that corrective because so he needed to positively set forth world.

You talk about the tropical system is trying that will save you see in the behind the stuff here.

Not a lot of people to se this going all right.

So worrie tarted here, here we go looking at the tropics looking at lesli, who is a very confusing form of going on out in the northern atlantic for a little while kin of just making those links dilutes moving around the area and will go ahead and through a event ... through ... is not my friend today.

Are the okay here we go there now to visit as leslie very confusing soreness been moving for a little while doing the lives still a tropical storm will become a hurricane again amid way through next week.

Then a tropical form is it almost look all the way to europe.

What see that would hold together long enough to be pretty interesting been living in one of those a long time only closer to home.

We have tropical storm michael that will be a hurricane is restored heading into the next couple of days about tuesday evening.

Looking at the categor two storm.

We always expected this to be on the low end of the hurricane spectrum of course no a major hurricane to three but it looks like it's picking up o the easterly tract that we talked about the accident, the panhandle of florida far to the east of us right now.

Not expecting any address impact from this affinity will see little wraparound cover.

We had through the middle week.

Other than that not too dangerous of jewish but one will continue to monitor the ...- sarah pannell: welcome to "mom to- mom".

Today we're in the kitche and we're going to show you how- to make a healthy - breakfast on the go.- sarah pannell: all right chef - kate, breakfast on the go.- kate horning: yes.- sarah pannell: those busy schoo- mornings.

What have you got for- us?

- kate horning: i've got somethin- you can make ahead.

- sarah pannell: oh, i love that!- kate horning: it's similar to - like frittata or an omelet.

And- it's called "egg foo young", so it's fun, different, but delicious.- sarah pannell: ah.

Let's do it.- kate horning: so first you want- to peel and thinly slice your - garlic.

And then we're gonna- do the same with the ginger and- the green onions.

And the three- of those go into a skillet- with a little bit of olive oil,- a pinch of celtic salt and some- red pepper flakes.

To the - skillet,- we're gonna stir in our broccol- slaw and let that cook for abou- 10 minutes, until it's nice - and tender, and finish it with- about a tablespoon of rice- vinegar.- kate horning: we're just gonna- whisk together six eggs with a- little bit of tamari soy- sauce.

Once your broccoli slaw- is nice and tender, we're gonna- add in our- cooked rice, and our egg- mixture, and let it cook for- about a minute or two on the- stove top,- just until it set.

The skillet- is gonna go into the oven, unde- the broiler, for about two to - three minutes, until the eggs - are nice and set.

And we're - gonna pull it out, and let it - rest.

- kate horning: all right, so to- finish this off, i let it rest- for a few minutes to cool.

A- little bit of - sesame seeds and green onion, - and then i slice it up like a - little pizza, put it in my to-g- containers for the kids.

I like- to serve it with ketchup.

- sarah pannell: ketchup's a must- kate horning: yes.- sarah pannell: for the kids.- kate horning: for the kids, and- me, too.- sarah pannell: and me, too.

- kate horning: give it a taste.- sarah pannell: delicious.

- kate horning: oh good.- sarah pannell: for this recipe- and more, go to the mom to mom- facebook page.- - - - - ryan will have one final look a- weather plus, - pet owners brought their animal- to a church in the- capital of the philippines on - sunday for an annual blessing - of animals, we'll take you to - the parade right after the- break.- - pet owners brought their animal- to a church in the- philippines today - sunday- for an annual blessing of - animals, followed by a- hollywood-inspired parade.- a priest blessed the pets with- holy water in a ceremony at the- church in the country's capital- the blessing took place at the- time of the feast of saint- francis - of assisi, known for his love - for animals.- similar traditions are also - celebrated in spain and many- latin american countries with - predominantly catholic- populations.- - - - thanks

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