Now Tropical Storm Michael is leaving a path of destruction after making landfall Thursday, and more

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Published on October 12, 2018 -

Now Tropical Storm Michael is leaving a path of destruction after making landfall Thursday, and more

Now Tropical Storm Michael is leaving a path of destruction after making landfall Thursday.

A woman’s emotional support squirrel made everyone nuts on a plane, and there are different ways you can teach your child about money.

Watch to see what Troy and David have to say on these topics and more in Table Talk.


Now Tropical Storm Michael is leaving a path of destruction after making landfall Thursday, and more

C1 3 good afternoon.

Thanks for joining us right he on mid-day kentucky everyone david goldman to the in the ... he beside me again.

I like buddy doing great great for the fun we is it yeah do you be back with you will bifidum with the date is never done.

Never is and how i met doing great at it is cold george was right.

I can walk donald and george she know is like a will anything aware jacket with jonah, walked out and i thought they'll be fine.

It's cold also therapeutic you hot before you fanning yourself like a nobleman in this building is locked in the studio is feeling already everyone and sorry that we would you want to take a moment to about those of vectored by now michael is made enfolded florida's panhandle yesterday as a powerful category four hurricane with wings of hundred and 55 mild our that the path of destructio with thousands of people withou power.

At least two people that we know of i had of the stone kentucky sent crews to help florida help assist with the power outages.

Now the carolinas who are already hurricane weary of bracing for flooding, tornadoes, and dangerous weems i'm way really hyping if you have family and and on the dais safe you and everything is okay will is what you is not that the on world news.

I was just said it's the were searching for them.

I migh think it's one of i think with had three of full this is one o the the top three guys side of the worst think that's what tha is the the damage done this is been catastrophic yes of you will deftly a doctor with you all you you ready for this will most plastic surgery and steame and and wtvq you want to draw attention to these important goals with the power of photo content to enter take a picture of yourself, family, friends and loved ones all decked out powerful thing and submitted by october 28 for your chance to win one lucky winner will actually take him $2500 doctors most plastic surgery proof fitness mulberry and lime and dr. gina johnson higgins as well as mesic mobile will be announced on the day kentucky it on a.m.

Antigang on mid-day kentucky at noon on all over 31 i people 2500 dola in prizes you all you do is take picture of you this is maybe one of our best and easiest contest.

It's just that is it is so simple yet was not the best i i love it well.

The the blue wedding giveaways pretty huge 30 think that i 500 and hollywood was pretty good dollywood and then even with our snowshoes you you you what is monstrous giveaways you sometimes you and i know you want the wedding already.

It's something that i think wil announce the david you asked me earlier on when but was you question to ask well you told me it was national coming out the last when did you come out like that of nevada that in today's the day we country i you never felt the need but i want to jus get on to this the today of course is national coming out day and on the state thousands of lgbt americans come out to their families and friends.

This is the 30th anniversary of the day in the apa states that bein positive with your sexuality fusses great.

I will be and mental health.

Here's some facts that show the next of is not happening from the trip up project all right number one dave so lgb youth seriously contemplate is tied almost 3 times the rate of the street street, kid the terrible yeah lgbt youth are almost 5 times a likely to have attempted suicide been straight you while and nationally 40% of transgender adults reported having made a suicide attempt 92% of those individual said that attempted suicide for the age of 20 of 25 in the lgbt queue.

You have come from highl rejected families are 8.4 times more likely to have attempted suicide.

This is really scary with you about you and it's not hot to reach out but he is something else, i think it's super important that you don't pressure someone for doing that on right you asked me when did i come out ... and i say that as a joke i neve have because i've never had say right tom yet and i'll be honest in the by parents of asked me it was that austin me as a school student.

I didn't even know wha day was said to remain so it wasn't part of my upbringing but i also know of people later in life that i've spoken to that said to me when they were at school with me at the boarding school that they were having trouble.

I didn't even know the were you doing to me guys, it's such i think it's such a pressure on people and i think you brought a great point that he bargaining do their own path the do on time and you really just have to be loving and and that don't feel that you have to push people to come out if you have a brother or sister the role of best mate orbits go friend that may be conned by the and i told you that this is what's happening to enforce and become after the family them do in the runtime yeah it's super important to show support you put on diana ross as female song what that's all noted only coming out on come back to me man all right yesterday we had the ballerinas in you are already i was little bit disappointed reading get the show the video yet we had a great you you ... can which is by the people ... i of a while wanted you will see that is just coming up parade of the time for that on that dreadful shop you go to bed and shut the old adult that we are expecting the ballerinas will i yesterday but i just want to be dingle and put it on a mac in the city were better the word o just my tell ron know that he does a your taliban i'm looks a you that had is foldout.

I love her.

She takes care of buddy everyone will you relief.

I'm sorry noticed if it could be you very friend is.

An airplane along with the rest of the passengers that she let frontier airlines know ahead of time that she was bringing on an emotiona support animal but left out what type it was it wasn't a cat or dog like you made the product squirrel and the whole situatio a couple of people knox's reportairlines said they don't allow rodents.

Cindy torok/squirrel owner "i said you are not taking my squirrel, sorry."

Cindy was coming to visit family in cleveland.

She tells fox 8 she got her squirrel--named daisy- to help with severe anxiety.

Cindy torok/squirrel owner "shell fit in the palm of my hand i can cover her up with my other hand.

She gives you kisses."

She says she went to the check-in desk with daisy but when she got in her seat there was a problem.

Cindy torok/squirrel owner "she said are you getting off the plane?

If you don't then we have to deboard everybody, ok deboard them!

But i am taking my squirrel with me."

Everyone on the plane had to get off.

Amanda wiertel/passenger "we didn't want to get off.

We were like we're ready to go lets go but there's a squirrel.

But who would have a squirrel no offense, as a pet?"

And police came to take cindy and the squirrel off too.

Cindy torok/squirrel owner "its cruel what they did to me."

Ebony smith/passenger "she should not have been able to get past tsa if the squirrel was an animal that can't be on the plane why did she even get as far as she did?"

That's a good question.

Cindy went through security with no problem.

Cindy torok/squirrel owner "he said you can hold her so she doesn't have to go through x-ray."

And tsa told us in an email... 'the squirrel was screened the same way someone's cat would be screened.

The container was sent through the x- ray machine while the passenger carried the squirrel through the walk- through metal detector."

They say it is up to the airlines to determine if an animal may fly.

Frontier says it wasn't clear cindy's animal was a squirrel... but they still refunded her money and gave her a ticket voucher... but cindy says that's not enough.

Cindy torok/squirrel owner "i will own a big portion of this airline.

I'm going for blood.

An emotional support animal can be any animal... you just need to prove that you have a disability or a c1 3 mental illness... and that the animal will provide the support you need... keeping track of your money and using it wisely is incredibly c1 3 difficult... what's harder is teaching your kids about it... so where is the best place to start?

Here are some tips experts have that can help you teach your kids about the value of money... 1.

Make sure money isn't c1 3 ..

S we boarded the bus when up grea what the first one day just making sure your money isn't visible to invisible.

I should samsara so you know just letting them know that things actually cost and that it's real so is not always a cards actual cash tangible i think it's i think the first thing we need to do before we go any about is is discuss with the kids.

I think you know just giving kids pocke money i think it's important to understand that i am making them do chores around the house or things like that i going to hop them what's important i agree with you him i like this next one consider letting your children have some money to wor with you again if if they have some money for mature the i think that's really good and the shows and that there's an exchange you don't get overwhelmed with financial language simplified for you.

It's like you teaching the lyrics roseau yeah you know have fun with it you well you know it's like you only will you anyway for your 401(k) and i cannot tell you the okay will you is fun and don't forget to explain that money can be a powerful tool to help others to make them give a little bit ... i that's a good idea as well.

I do i just think that we just need to be carried away and kid the to look special when it comes willie videogame gallons of things that people are buying for the kids and then like an even the simple app in ultimately by nap for two dollars and we just had you those things you can earn and make them part let's move on to the we live in a day and age way, google symptoms we today right where we google ray symptoms we may feel is that according to dr. ron i you feeling stress while you googled it to see what was wrong all you may use web and date correct according to a study stress was the number one most googled health symptoms in the us for the past year medicare health plan.com did some extra digging in here and some of the other most such health symptom words post state which i wanted to bring up ... snoring is there that's from algal just really pumped up wil remain ... at howdy this is the number one colorado has insomnia but i do know why is is legal but now me and i thought this was interesting kentucky having upper back pain is that the from old football we play well know i think it's because we have a high farmers and with a lot of people in factories you know are very production oriented estate okay i type minnesota is irritable lot just to know about the know i think is there irritable their stress are always this doesn't surpris the utah has morning sick to send the second highest number baby only g will it's normal.

I didn't expect that i didn't expect anything different that but i just thought of is and i want to know what upper back pain while we have the public you we

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