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The country.

The (davis) daviess county sheriff's office was dispatched to a semi crash blocking ?s ??1 in (davis) daviess county kentucky thursday night.

According to authorities?

The semi driver swerved and missed an object in the road?

Which ultimately caused the driver to lose control.

The semi was hauling a trailer with one car inside the semi overturned on top of the car?

And the trailer came unattached.

The road is now open after being blocked for about four hours.

The sheriff's office says the driver was not injured.


A mother in mario?

Indiana say?

Her son almost die?

After suffering two collapsed lungs.

Doctors used the words lethal and fatal?

When 1?yea?old john porter arrived at the hospital.

Porter says he used ?

Cigarettes and ??c cartridges to sel?medicate his anxiety?

And he was fine until early august when he noticed shoulder and back pain.

But before he was able to make a doctor's appointment he landed in the hospital?

For 17 days..

And his mother says there were no warning signs.

11:57 'once it had completely collapsed when i would bend over, i would feel it (hit) hitting the inside of my chest.'

12:04 right now?

Officials are investigating 30 cases of severe lung injury in indiana.

Experts say?

These illnesses often start out like the flu?

With chest pain, cough, shortness of breath?

Even fatigue and muscle aches.

President trump has taken a stance against flavored ?

Cigarettes by proposing a ban.

The proposed ban comes as the nation is seeing an uptick in cases of vapin?

Related lung illnesses.


No single ingredient has been linked to these illnesses?

Health officials are focusing on vitamin e acetate as the potential culrpit.

The ??a says this ingredient*has been found in*illegal ??c cartridges sold on the black marke?

Not mom and pop vape shops.

A local vape shop owner say?

He wishes other solutions were proposed such as implementing manufacturin g standards and banning online sales to keep ?

Cigarettes out of the hands of teenagers.

"if the fda has already said that these tobacco company products sold in gas stations and online are the driving force behind the youth epidemic then why is the remedy directed at my business?"

There is an online petition to stop this ban before it becomes law.

You can find that link on our website ???v dot com.

Mayors from around the hoosier state are gathering in south bend this week?

Discussing the impact climate change is having on their individual communities.

Historic and record breaking floods have been hurting hoosier communities?

For the past couple years?

And some say it seems to be getting worse.

That's why many leaders have already taken drastic steps to protect the environment.

The city of nappanee?

Spent 3?

Million dollars to upgrade its sewer system?

And the city of goshen was named "green community of the year" for its solar power projects.

But goshen's mayor say?

People need to focus on solutions?

Instead of debating whether climate change is real.

Jeremey stutsma?

Goshen mayo?"we can argue and argue and argue about that for the next few years, or we can start taking action and get things going.

I the type that would rather take action and get those projects going?

Mayor stutsman say?

He signed an ordinance last week creating the city's first green department.

It will be tasked with looking for ways to become carbon neutral by the year 2?35.

The united way of southwestern indiana is hosting it's 26th annual united day of caring.

It is underway this morning with a breakfast and presentation at bosse field.

Then 12 hundred volunteers set to be sentenced today in the college admissions scandal.

And president trump made his first visit to baltimore?

Since his negative tweets in jul?

About the city.?

Here are the top stories across america this morning just ahead?

Here's a live look thanks for joining us on 44 news this morning.

I'm jessica harma?

And i'm john rawlings we hope your day is off to indiana?

Sports books are opening across the state?

After lawmakers voted to legalize sports betting?

Earlier this year.

Some casinos around the state launched sports betting earlier this summer..

But now people in evansville won't have to wait any longer.

Tropicana has officially opened its sports book on the casino floor..

Senior reporter veronica dekett joins us with a look at thursday's grand opening.

It's time to place your bets?

The sports book at tropicana?

Is officially open.

The william hill sports book?

Is the first of it's kind for the company?

And has taken over the forme?

?21 lounge on the casino floor.

Now anyone can come by tropicana?

To bet on sports?

From football and hockey to baseball and much more.

Tropicana officials say opening a sports book seemed like a natural next step.

"it was the first casino in the state of indiana, and we've seen a lot of changes over the years.

After we went lan?based, this was probably the next best step we could take to bring entertainment to the tr?state in the form of sports betting."

The sports book betting area also features?


65 inch viewing monitors?

And 12 odds boards that display in real time.

For more information on the william hill sports book?

You can head to our website wevv dot com.

Veronica dekett 44news.

The hoosier state is betting on big money with this change.

It's estimated sports betting could have a 1.7 billion dollar economic impact in indiana over the next five years.

There are also experts who say it could have a devastating impact on the families of compulsive sports gamblers..

And it could be a challenge for those who have a problem with gambling.

Christina gray/indiana council on problem gamblingi think it opens the door to probably a wider base because people who didnút gambling sports betting wise because it wasnút legal now it opens the door, its legal now.

I think itús a good indication that weúll see more problem gamblers and while state lawmakers approved internet sports wagering..

The rules for those bets havenút been set just yet.

The race for the white house has now entered a new phase.

Democratic candidates for president aren't holding back, lashing out at one another.

Last night's democratic debate in houston got very heated.

Fox news corresponde nt doug luzader has more from washington this morning on the impact it may have on the race.

All of the top candidates on one stage?

We knew it would come to this eventually.

(reporter track) castro says: "are you, are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago?

Are you forgetting already what you said just two minutes ago?"

Taking on the frontrunner.

Former vice president joe biden taking some heat last night at this third presidential debate in what may have been a shot at his age... but biden got in some licks of his own.

Biden says: "for a socialist, you've got a lot more confidence in corporate america than i do."

The democratic party really wanted this.

All of the frontunners on one stage for one night, trying to narrow down the field.

Senator elizabeth warren, on the rise, but largely playing it safe taking on familiar targets.

Warren says: "those at the very top, the richest individuals and the biggest corporations, are going to pay more."

Sanders says: "joe and i strongly disagree on trade."

Senator bernie sanders went after biden, as well... others on this stage though, were just hoping to break through with new proposals.

O'rourke says: "hell, yes, we're going to take your a?15, your a?47.

We're not going to allow it to be used against our fellow americans anymore."

Yang says: "my proposal is that we give every american 100 'democracy dollars' that you can only give to candidates and causes that you like.

" but it was the infighting that really made the headlines here... even if some though it went too far.

Buttigieg says: "this is why presidential debates are becoming unwatchable.

This reminds everybody of what they cannot stand about washington."

(reporter on cam tag) and there were certainly some broadsides directed at president trump last night as well.

But at this point, for these democratic candidates it's about beating one another for the nomination.

In washington, doug luzader, fox news.

The united way of southwestern indiana is hosting it's 26th annual united day of caring.

It is underway this morning with a breakfast and presentation at bosse field.

Then around 12 hundred volunteers will scatter throughout spencer, warrick, and vanderburgh counties to help over 50 nonprofits.

44news reporter a number of people came together thursday?

Serving ice cream during hanger's celebrity scoop night.

Our own 44news anchors lauren leslie and veronica dekett?

Were at the baskin robbins on green river road?

Collecting tips that will benefit hangers?

The clothing resource center for ?

??c students.

All the money raised at celebrity scoop night?

Will help students in need?

Get clothing and hygiene products.

Last year alone?

Hangers served more than ?

Thousands ?

??c students.

"what we like about it is, they're picking out the clothes.

We don't just hand them a bag of clothes.

They get to come shop for what they want to wear, therefore we think they'll wear it."

You can find hangers at the the academy for innovative studies which used to be north high school.

For more information on how to donate?

You can visit our website?

At wev?do?com.

A unique playground is unveiled in owensboro and it offers the opportunity of play for all children.

Foust elementary school unveiled their brand new inclusive playground during a ribbo?

Cutting ceremony thursday.

The playground features elements that allow*all students to enjoy.

These elements include a pou?i?place rubber service..

Helping students who rely on wheelchairs to enjoy the features.

The playground committee partnered with more than 100 organizations and various people to make this happen.

Kids at the playground say it's great?

Because it allows children of all abilities to play at the park.

Kids with disabliites can actually play on it?

With the rocks it was hard to actually get through it?

It was hard to actually get through the rocks.

The entire fundraising campaign generated more than 25?

Thousand dollars for the project.

Officials say they hope the new playground will provide a safe, fun and inclusive environment teases weather set to be sentenced today in the college admissions scandal.

And president trump made his first visit to baltimore since his negative tweets in july about the city.

Here are the top stories across america this morning ten democratic candidates debated for three hours in housto?

Thursday night.

Issues included healthcare refor?

Gun violenc?

Trade and immigration.

Former vice president joe biden was asked if the obama administratio n's record number of deportations was a mistake.

The next democratic debate is schedule for october 15th?

In ohio.

President trump made his first visit to baltimore since his july tweets that called the city a ''disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess'' where "no human being would want to live."

The president spoke to congressiona l republicans at an annual retreat..

While protesters gathered nearby.

And actress felicity huffman is set to be sentenced today in the college admissions scandal.

Huffman pleaded guilty to two mail frau?

Related charges and admitted to paying 1?

Thousand dollars to bump up her daughter's ?

?t scores.

Pete alonso started thursday's game with a mustache, but ended it cleanly shaven.

Alonso saying?

He had very terrible a?

Bats before?

So 'the mustache had to go,' the mets beat the diamondbacks 1?1 at citi field?

The mustache didn't seem to matter though as the rookie went o?fo?five with three strik?outs, but did score once he is also my favorite player right now named?

Pete alonso?

This photoshoot of a fiv?yea?

Old and his 9?

Yea?old great grandparents movie.

Five years ago elijah bar?

After deputies sa?

He abused his tw?month old son.

Doctors at baptist health madisonville say?

The child's father?

Herbert harris?

Brought the baby to the emergency room on saturday.

The little boy had two different brain bleed?

Broken rib?

Multiple damaged vertebra?

And an old fracture to the collarbone?

That had already started to heal.

Police say?

Harris admitted he was home alone with four other children?

While the boy's mother was at work saturday.

He says that's when he picked up the baby and dropped him on the couch.

The baby was taken to louisville?

Where he's listed in critical condition.

Harris is being held at the hopkins county jail?

On 10 thousand dollars bond.

A tr?state community is working to find possible solutions to stop the violenc?

Especially among young people.

Just last month community activists in owensboro presented a proposal for an earlier curfew.

Owensboro officials have yet to make a decision on amending the city's curfew ordinanc?

And community activists are hoping a decision is made soon.

Instead of 1 in the mornin?

Activists want to see the city of owensboro change the curfew to 11 pm.

The daviess county attorney says parents can file something called "beyond control petitions"?

Which tells the court the child is beyond a parent's control?

Which in turn negates the curfew violation.

For community leader tim collie?he questions who will ultimately take responsibility for the proble?

"i really believe the curfew will work but it's going to take the parents and the city officials to come together to come up with a solution for this becasue right now we do have the kids set up for failure with the current situation where the curfew is at 1 am in the morning."

Owensboro police say within the last five years they have written 27 curfew violations.

Thanks for making 44 news this morning part of your day.... keep

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