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Trump: Frustration or Praise?

Business Matters - BM20190916

Good evening, good evening, "business matters," there is an election coming up, and we have a current president, donald trump.

Tony simao, are you happy and d you feel he will be reelected.

>> absolutely and yes.

>> don't expound.

>> i will go to you, tailor, give you a shot at that que question.

>> i do absolutely.

I think he has done great for this country so far.

In my experience, i think 1 hun percent that he will -- 100% that he will.

>> brook, you probably feel the opposite and do you feel like the amount of people running on the democratic side is helping to get to the best candidate?

>> i really do.

I think that's because we have so much idea generation.

We are out there trying to problem solve some of the thing going on now.

So i think the more the mes messaging is out there, i think the better is is for the democratic party.

Wwe will get to our candidate.

>> not at all.

>> but, look, i brief that we should have a president that's the president for all of the united states, and not just the people who voted for him, and i'm looking forward to the process that we are going through right now on the democratic side to find that candidate.

>> do you think the democratic person elected will be a representative of everyone or w will continue this polarization?

>> i think the truth is that every president up until this one has understood that when elected president, you are the president of everybody.

>> do you feel that way, tony?

Do you feel like you felt represented in the past?

Your thoughts on that?

>> well, when obama was in po power, i got audited by the irs because i was a member of the tea party.

This president doesn't do that to democrats.

>> so you feel you were singled out?

>> also, it's not the president resisting.

It's the democrats.

Resist as you are called that's what you do when you are -- >> that's nonsense.

Look, the day that obama was inaugurated, mitch mcmelal or moscow mitch met with his.

>> so bernie sanders actually having his honeymoon in russia in communist russia, he is okay.

>> put putin was with the kgb i the soviet union.

>> i want to get to mark, so yo hear that, what he just said.

>> one thing is that mitch mcconnell said we are going to make this guy a one-term president, we are not going to let him do anything even if we agree with him.

This president has from day one aided by mitch mcconnell and th senate.

>> do you acknowledge or is it hearsay or whatever that some people because of their affiliation were singled out during the obama administration for audits and the like.

>> no, i don't believe that.

>> a federal judge agreed and the tea party got $30,000 in a class action lawsuit so it's true.

>> since we are running up to $1 trillion of debt, right, and this president is on track to double obama's deficit, how doe that sit with the tea party?

>> well, the funny thing the congress holds the purse string so the democrats should start cutting government.

>> how about the 1.5.

>> let me do this before we go to commercial.

Kate, you are, are you on a lonely limb as a trump supporte or might we be surprised how many people support this president.

>> i think a lot of them are leaning towards democrat.

A lot of people want free th things.

Nobody wants to work for what they want.

They want it to be given to t them.

I think that bernie wanting to give free college is a joke.

I don't think that is a real thing.

Nothing good in life, nothing i life is free.

>> do you feel like for a yo younger crowd if you voice thes opinions you would not be popular.

>> not exactly, no.

I tend to not have a lot of frifriends my age.

>> it's going to be a great s show.

Stay with us, be right back.

"business matters!"

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>> we are back, "business matters," someone asked me, i was just watching a program thi morning, would you give this president credit, the point was many presses have been tired -- presidents have been tired, wor down, he seems to be as energetic as he was his first term, but maybe in your case that's bad news.

>> he doesn't start work until about 11:00 after he has tweete and watched fox and friends in the morning.

He has golfed more in his, so far in his first term as president than obama did in his entire eight years in office.

I believe the figures that i heard is that he is, you know, that he has been to his own gol resorts several hundred times, and so if you are not working all of the time, it's easy to not feel the weight.

>> you are sa saying he it's no that he is not able to handle the pressure, you are saying he is hardly working.

>> obama was too busy dividing the country to go golfing.

>> i can't believe you would sa that.

>> i'm sorry, so the war on cap has been outrageous.

>> i do want to talk about firs responders, your thoughts as a young person, the war on cops you are talking about.

You think that that was fueled by the previous administration?

>> absolutely.


I don't think i have ever seen so much hate on cops and military.

>> how about hate on mesh citizens, how about the four congresswoman who is citizens o the united states?

How about immigrants who are legally here.

How about people who are deported who fought in our military.

Don't talk about hating on people.

>> i want you to talk about the squad.

>> it amazes me that the democrats would have the gall t say that this president or any of us supporters hate america because of four congress women.

>> why don't you start be being stop people being racist.

You hate america.

>> i hate america.

My father was in world war ii.

I spent time in germany.

>> i served in the marine corps what did you do?

>> i lived in ireland.

>> i know how bad this presiden it.

>> i did as an american citizen.

>> part of what makes this country great.

>> you are absolutely right, bu when your side has antifah whic is a terrorist group.

>> antifascism.

My father fought the mas m fasc.

>> i fight communism.

>> that's interesting because your guy is in bed with the former communist.

>> and hillary clinton old uranium to russia.

Get that.

>> taylor, hang on.>> i think o thing that happened to this country.

What you guys think, i don't care.

It doesn't bother me at all.

He will be the reason that trum will be reelected.

>> let me ask the question, do either one of you feel that on days to make this a little more sane, the conversation, that hi tweeting is too much?

Do you wish he would do less of that?

>> no, i think that, the media doesn't ever portray anything good about him, the only way he can get anything out is by tw tweeting.

>> there is a storm heading to obaalabama so that the citizens alabama doctor.

>> do people make mistakes in your life?

>> let's see in truth track at least.

>> tony, i will go to mark.

>> i just -- >> mark go ahead.

>> somehow it has to be something different than this intramural hating.

I don't want to hate anybody wh hates president trump p, and yo shouldn't hate people -- >> we you acknowledge that people have said that we should get their names out, whether it's in in hollywood, when you talk about you shouldn't hate supporters.

Most recently we have had hollywood activists say that th people who support trump -- >> if anybody did that, i condemn it 100%, because what makes this country work is finding ways of bring is disparity ideas together and finding compromise.

When one side is unwilling to compromise at all, and i i'm no saying, i'm not going to say which side it is, it is has to be a way of finding common good and the best will come from t that.

You know, i happen to believe that what's happening in this country right now is, for instance, there have been dozen and dozens of bills that have been past by congress since the new congress has been sworn in at the beginning of the year, and none of them have been able to get past.

>> let me ask a question real quick, is there a candidate on your side, since we have so man out there and it will narrow th field.

Any candidate that you would like to see?

>> i feel very good about elizabeth warren, i think she i tracking.

She is slow and steady.

The more people see her, the more they like her.

She is articulate.

She has clout behind her mes messages.

>> are you thinking biden, wher you are at?

>> honestly, i'm supporting elizabeth warren as well.

My feeling is any of the people on the stage now would be superior to what we have.

>> your thoughts on who is out there and -- >> i love them all, every singl one of them.

I want to hug them and kiss the and say thank you.

>> do you think that the far left position has helped, will that help -- >> that's why i want to hug and kiss them because their ideas are so out there that it makes them look insane.

>> i think aoc in my opinion if she was planted by the republicans, best thing ever done.

She is still making democrats look absolutely crazy.

>> do you feel like, i guess no that you mention that that you have a candidate that is a little more, that you wouldn't be so far left or do you think that's what the country needs right now?

>> well, i think it's completel appropriate for the there to be people that are on the wide spectrum.

And there are -- >> when it comes to the electio do you think the platform that far left is a good one.

>> i think it's an important quality in any candidate we are going to select is the wil willingness and ability to find common ground to make the country move forward.

>> stay with us, "business matters," great show.

Be right back.

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>> we are back, great show, michelle, great topic.

I want to get the questions in.

>> mark, tell us how we bring this country together.

Is there any candidate that you see out there that there is g going to be a way that these guys are actually going to be able to live with that person?

>> i think it's a process, because i think that it's been, that it's been going on for a while, things like social media that we were just touting are helping to put people into clan with each other, you know, and make this an intramural sport s we are not having dialogue.

When we are having a conversation about donald trump it's easy to be on one side or the other, but there is a lot o things that i bet we can agree on.

Things that, you know, and thos are the things that we need people like our congresswoman here, susan wild is really grea at understanding that there is like a middle ground.

>> your thoughts on that?

>> i completely agree.

I think that there should be middle ground.

I have heard that there should be compromise, however, my problem is that whenever lib liberals say that we should compromise, it's that they get their way and we get nothing.

>> i could say the same thing about your side.

>> look at mitch mcconnell.

>> when you hear that, did this president start the widening of the gap or did he bring out wha people were thinking, people that felt disenfranchised.

>> i think we brought out what people were thinking.

I don't know.

I think that our country has become so politically correct and so not wanting to hurt somebody's feelings that americ has completely lost their backbone, and i think, some people call that having a backbone and being able to stan up for what they believe in.

>> you are saying everything is judged today so people are tiptoeing around what they have to say at all times.

>> absolutely 100%.

>> i want actually, i wanted to ask taylor, when you look at your friends and you feel -- i guess the question is being a woman, if you are a trump supporter as a woman, do you feel condemned?

Do you feel like women are not allowed to be trump supporters?

>> absolutely i get called racist.

I get called that i'm not a feminist and i don't believe in equal rights and that's not the case.

I think everybody in the world should have equal rights but because i support trump and wha he believes in doesn't make me less of a person than you guys.

>> i think it started with the hot mike, you know, a month before the election and relegated to locker room talk and we know what he said, grab him by the beep.

You know, he campaign violation because he is paying off a porn star.

>> but biden can global women and that's okay.

>> biden gropes women.

That's completely certifiably ridiculous compared to someone talking about a plausible sexua assault.

>> plausible, never proven.

>> plausible groping.

>> stop being mean.

>> okay.

I will do you the favor.

I'm being mean because i'm asserting as a woman that i don't like to be represented by a president who talked about grabbing me by my genitalia.

>> i'm saying as a minority and a veteran that you told her tha people are mean, so you need to stop being mean.

>> why am i being mean because i'm defending my position.

>> so i'm not being politically correct.

>> yes, exactly you are not b being politically correct.

>> you should be politically -- >> i can handle it all day long.

>> when he said he could grab women by the genitalia.

>> he was talking about gold diggers and gold diggers will let you grab them wherever they want.

You should take offense to that.

You should take offense that there is women.

>> let's, happening on, both of you -- >> women talk way worse about men in the locker room than be 100% the truth.

I happening out with women.

>> maybe your generation.

>> let her talk.

>> men i know, like my fiance, who is in the gym all of the time every day, all of the men know have said that they have never heard men talk like that.

>> brook, say what you are goin to say.

You hang around with minimum.

>> i think i hang out with wome more and the way that they talk about men, the things that they want to them is way worse than hi have heard my guys say about women.

>> that's not all men on tape o elizabeth warren.

>> i guess your generation didn't read 50 shades of grade or read sex in the city.

>> let's get back to earth.

Why, why do you think, why woul you want to see him, i want to get down to practical, why do you think he should be reel reelected?

>> because i want america to continue succeeding.

I want america to be first and foremost in the leadership of this country.

>> do you agree he could use a foreign policy yict victory, whether it be china or g7.

>> we will get there.

>> so you think he is taking tough substances across the board because time has come to do that.

>> there have been victories.

What is holding it up is congress.

>> i'm sorry, you haven't gotte rid of nafta.

>> again, because congress won' go along.

>> and if you actually look at the u.s., if you look at the terms of the u.s.m.c.a., there are minute differences between nafta and the u.s.mca.

>> the u.s. agreement.

Which is what was negotiated, you know, the stock market is flat for the year now because -- >> hang on.

>> it amazes me when obama was president it was 15,000 market, the market was 15,000 and that was a great economy, now, all o a sudden we are at 26, topping 27,000, we are hitting records for the past we are hitting records and over and over again and we are in the bad company?

Are you crazy?

>> i didn't say we are in a bad economy.

I said the economy is faltering and i wouldn't go so far, i'm not going to sit there and go and it's completely trump's fault.

What i'm saying is that when yo have a period of growth that started all the way back in 2 2008, halfway through, i'm so sorry, 2009 when obama took ove after the recession hit, and yo have a growth line that's going like this and there is it's not like trump came in and with wen like this.

>> it absolutely did.

>> it stayed the same incline.

>> there are jobs, and guess what -- >> you got to let tony talk and then you go.

>> working three jobs really doesn't solve a problem.

>> i know em people that have careers, the company i work for is hiring 450 people in the lehigh valley.

>> careers, $16 an hour, minimu wage.

>> i want to make sure taylor gets her time.

>> i think trump is r running t country like a business because that's exactly what it is.

Obama has done that.

>> obama ran businesses into th ground.

>> ran our country into the ground.

I think trump has by far made this country better than it was four years ago.

>> you are voting for him again?

>> yes, absolutely.

>> "business matters," be right back.

>> hey, we are back, and i will tell you, this is an active sho and you guys are doing great.

You are out in the audience, what are your thoughts when you hear this?

Can you be the voice of reason?

>> i try to be.

It's kind of our job at the chamber to be the sane center, but from my point of view, the economy, the quality of life in our valley is on an upswing and i don't know anybody that can argue that, and i think that i would like to see it continue and so i would definitely be -- >> would you be a person that would say less tweeting would make you happier.

>> yes, it's not my style, but it's his, so, i mean, i don't think you would suppose to tell anybody how to do their thing.

>> you think he has to do it to get his story out.

>> absolutely.

>> brook, when you see some of these tweets, i would assume they send you -- >> i can't even begin to say ho that is so unpresidential.

I mean, just this weekend alone you know, we have a storm ba barreling down, you know, literally we didn't know what course it was taking.

He cancels a visit to poland, stepped his foot in a tweet talking about poland and these great days referring back to world war ii which was a disaster for the pollish, and sat the same time we have yet again another mass shooting in texas, and our president is p playing golf in virginia.

So, and tweeting.

And, about ridiculous tweets, stupid things that should be embarrassing to you.

>> let me ask you -- let me ask you a question.


Let me ask you a question, or mark, bush, were you able to keep -- >> yes.

>> so it's not, i know you are party person, but it's not just the party, it's the person that what you are saying?

>> absolutely.

>> i know you didn't agree -- >> i worked for dems d democrat to replace him, but i didn't feel the sense of anger.

>> real quick.

>> there is some kind of kernel real humanity in george w.

>> i mean more than that, but you knew he was a good father, you knew he was a good husband, he was really kind of a sen sensible, likeable person and h believed his faith.

I can accept that.

>> your thoughts?

>> i want to hear taylor.

>> i want to know why you hate trump so much.

What about him earths you and makes your blood boil.

>> i think he is a racist, he i a dog whistler.

What is under the cover, and he always plays just with -- >> we have one minute.

>> the only argument you democrats always have is that h is racist.

Can you please tell me pointblank what you think -- >> we only have one minute to go.

Brook, you got 20 seconds.

Hang on.

I g got to cut you off, we are o going to commercial.

20 seconds, parting thoughts.

>> i think not that i think, i think historians are already recording this that this is the most flawed presidency, presidency, not just the president, in history.

More people have moved out of positions.

You can't argue facts.

He has been abusive towards women, verbally and otherwise.

He is abusive to race.

He has no regard for human be beings.

>> mark.

>> i want to find, please, don' laugh, because it's really i impolite.

>> you have five seconds and yo are done.

>> i'm sorry, democrats are g going to be the reason trump is going to be reelected to trump 2020.

>> i would like to see the president reelected.

I watch the dough baits and the arrogance coming out and the ridiculousness of the arguments we can't do enough for environmental for climate ch change.

>> i'm out of town.

>> i want a country where i could be proud of my president and that my children can and my grandchildren can.

>> thank you for being with us.

"business matters," be back nex week.

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