OmaDawgs: One Thing Left To Do

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Published on October 7, 2019 -

OmaDawgs: One Thing Left To Do

WCBI's Courtney Robb and Tom Eble talk the Mississippi State Bulldogs in its second consecutive trip back to the College world Series.


OmaDawgs: One Thing Left To Do

Last loo here with all things must be statement me i was able to first things first as i that is for back in two back in 2011 and did a great job with a random bit earlier great job in great condition it would be omaha without some sort of much more coming up stadium compared to duty noble i don't know if you can i tried my best i can.

I will say they do baseball justice so how did we get here court in an insane couple weeks so let's start from the suit is to start a regional capital to the tutors of even small dominating line with a list of my every two with a list of my every 24 they plainly mr. shut down the bulldogs said he was on extra or aggressive ... just like the oldest salaries to see if you know it's a that for him is seeing this state as well in that game to that was his duty and noble moment but of course elijah mcnamee ... after that i went out to"everything i had to do to ge back to this point was for this moment.

To get back to omaha.

To give our fans a national championship, which is what we're looking to do, and for that to actually be happening to come into place, it's so surreal.

I'm super thankful to be here, and i'm super thankful to play for this univeristy."

"i mean i can speak for myself, didn't come back here to just go to omaha.

We;re trying to win a national championship.

We're one step closer, and we've got work to do."

"this group, when you play i this program, you play in so many big environments.

You just learn how to play at this level.

We seem to do it day in and day out, and you get used to it a little bit.

They have so much postseason experience, today, even in our locker room, we talked about, we've been here.

We should be used to this, go out and play our game.

We just have a unique dynamic in our program.

There are some older leaders, but we have a great sophomore class that's shown a lot of leadership and production."

To omaha was not very long is about 20 hours is about 20 hours rd.

Closures and ihop stops we did it all the way up.

Did everything on her checklist you me chris bolton stopped by southwest baptist university go barakat ... so much great stuff to get a game one thing you welcome back to our special omadawgs one thing left.

The dawgs got in a late practice today.

Big one coming up on sunday earlier we saw this is the state taking some archives taking in the ballpark again for the second straight year what was your summer over some of your initial expression something we haven't really talked about yet is that mississippi state is one of you teams incidentally history going six and i hope by video and have a shot at making obviously with that being said college world series that everybody is coming out to the college world series so some good rings from them on the field today critters i'm sure we can't make much of a document until we see them come out something to keep an eye on justin fost you speaking of that matchup with auburn mississippi state one that series back in march back in march 2 completely different teams butch thompson head coach of the tigers butch thompson recruited a lot of these guys and so they're very close with him ... the last time mississippi state 2013 was there call and when it comes to the game they have to set rate them with somebody that they be so ..."watching that game, we wer all sitting there in our offices, that was a long first inning.

We had one like that in missouri a couple years ago where we didn't have any pitching left, and i know in butch's world, getting that big lead was huge.

We know we're just facing a great opponent.

An opponent that is familiar with us, and we're familiar with them.

It'll be a great game."

"we finished our game wit north carolina.

If you get so entrenched in that moment that you have no idea what's ahead.

I don't care who we play, just that we get there.

And then of course out of 297 schools, of course it's mississippi state.

Of course that's who we're playing.

When i first saw, i was like, are you kidding me, and then as the time has gone on, i've gotten to a deeper level.

Went from level one, to level two, and i said, this is one of the neatest things ever.

To get to play mississippi state in omaha."

When they get in the hot and they're on fire and he kinda has this domino effect the rest followed down with it and i think that's something he see often in this mississippi state season and i wouldn't count at seeing it this week as well but we call that 35 runs in two games not bad for a time i wouldn't say that is a bad amount of runs ... i don't think will be expecting that type of score here that can come and bring their a game but at the same time echoes chris lamanna's saying anything's possibledistractions.

It's easy to get caught up in the moment of omaha and letting the moment be too big.

Just take a deep breath.

Knowing all the work we put in, trust it, and play bulldogs baseball.

If we do that, good things will happen."

"we love the pressure.

We fee like there's not much pressure, because we're going out and playing for each other.

We go out and fight for one another, and we know that if we play our brand of ball game, how good we are, so we kind of push the pressure aside in key moments and stick to what we do best.

See where it goes from there."

"we said to ourselves, we'r going to get back, we just have to work hard.

We're a good enough team to get back to omaha.

That was our goal since day one.

I don't think anyone is surprised we're here right now."

"last year, it was the 'wow part.

This year it's like, let's play ball because i really do think we have the team to win it all."

So if in small inks that they are the best team here every 10 years at the college world series for a reason ... might not have because the fields a little bit bigger and there's certain parts of the whole person the something or any to later but i will have to welcome to omaha the grass is currently outside here is the state back here college world series and they haven't played a postseason game is to see where exactly the greatest show on derby is playing an iconic's to hear the road to omaha statue 1500 pounds made out of forearm the original home to the college world series for six decades now the diamond dogs are normally used to going up marine chairs had duty noble field here chairs are in navy 20,000 fans now this field looks a little bit bigger all the way to the thoughtful enough you move out into centerfield as we move into left not too much of a difference there some good memories with a big grin slipped last year the win over north carolina well we hope you enjoy the sights and sounds mississippi state is for that magic is carbon on back here at td ameritrade park and has mississippi state and the rest of the teams begin their preparation for the college world series i walked out and asked some fans what their predictions would be for the coming weekend where your pet's for winning ... i think the razorbacks the tigers the razor blades louisville having vanderbilt will be up next to ve me a score prediction 52 mississippi state i'm guessing seven to one artist and is going to be mississippi state going to do as well thank you so much mississippi state can you guys communicate go bulldogs is prediction for sunday ... it's hard to argue with that well with the kids and will have to det so that looked like a lie like our actual ritual music and everything and do the bana peels away from it to me there really is.

And we did not run into any tornadoes thankfully courtney so the seriousness hasn't begun yet that will because that will come on sunday this opening ceremony will come tonight that's getting everyone in the setting the stage at the back and getting ready for the college world series ... we are officially getting begun this weekend just getting to omaha tomorrow vanderbilt and louisville play tomorrow as well as florida state and arkansas and this course the game are only here for mississippi state versus auburn the diamond dogs lately getting in some practice tomorrow make sure you tune in to w cbssports all weekend and sunday at five another special the oma dogs preview special will be a great time courtney will be prepared to show you everything on sunday and hopefully we'll see you then reporting in

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