WCBI News at Six - October 9, 2019

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Published on October 10, 2019 -
WCBI News at Six - October 9, 2019

WCBI News at Six - October 9, 2019

Good evening everyone... more than 100 people in north mississippi go to jail during operation triple beam... the goal of the six week federal, state, and local law enforcement operation is to get violent offenders off the street.

Our rylie takes a look at how the operation impacted the golden triangle.

She joins us live with more.

149 arrests, 65- thousand,820 dollars worth of narcotics and narcotic related proceeds seized, and 155 registered sex offenders checked for compliance.

Operations triple beam happens across the country but this is one of the first times it's happened in the g-t-r.

It all began july 15th.

An operation led by the us marshals kicked off it's 6 week journey in the golden triangle with the hope of reducing crime.

"we basically go after the worst of the worst.

So the people that are breaking into people's houses, our trigger pullers, our gang members or gang leaders, our shot callers, those the people that were going after the most violent criminals" but the over one hundred arrests didn't happen over night.

"what you didn't see was the planning stage of it.

That goes on for months.

What they're doing is they're getting the information from the local police departments, the local sheriff's departments, the probation officers to identify amd target those worst offenders."

Multiple law enforcement agencies from the federal, state, and local level joined forces.

Clay county sheriff eddie scott says an operation of this size wouldn't be possible without the extra hands.

"early in my career i learned the federals, we need to work with them, and trying to protect our community, they have resources that they can offer us.

And by working together, i think we've done a good job making our communities more safe."

Even though the operation is officially over, there is still work to be done.

"information that we learned from this, you know, it'll be ongoing even though the operation officially ends today.

Information that we gathered our investigators and i'll continue working on these on these criminals."

"since it was an intelligence based operation, there's a lot of data that we have to work through.

So we're not done there's a lot more work to be done a lot more investigations that are still ongoing.

So even though we had 149 arrest, i think you're going to see many more than that in the days to come."

Operation triple beam is a key component of the department of justice's gun violence reduction initiative project safe neighborhoods.

Reporting live in lowndes county, rylie livingston, wcbi news.

First look stinger first look summary: a few showers & t- showers are possible thursday but better rain and storm chances exist friday afternoon & night with another 1/4" to over 1" possible.

Much cooler air slides in for the weekend with highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s.

Additional rain chances are possible going into early next week.

Wednesday night: partly cloudy and quiet.

Lows in the 60s.

Thursday: a mix of sun and clouds with spotty showers or storms possible during the day.

The chance of rain is 20%.

Above normal highs in the mid to upper 80s can be expected.

Winds sse 5-15 mph.

Conditions as hunters head to the woods, they're being asked to watch for deer that have signs of chronic wasting disease.

It is contagious among deer and is always fatal to the animal.

Our stephanie poole joins us in the studio with more... according to the mississippi department of wildlife, fisheries,and parks there have been 19 confirmed cases of chronic wasting disease in mississippi.

The department is asking all hunters to have their deer tested .

From october to february, hunters head outdoors to enjoy their favorite pastime... but some of the game could already be infected... game warden john gruchy says chronic wasting disease has shown up in deer in several northern mississippi counties.

And, in the delta.

" it is a prion disease or it'sa protein disease that's transmissible from deer to deer and and it causes lesions in their brain and ultimately death.

This disease can grow in deer from months to years with no physical signs of infection.

Gruchy says hunters should have their deer checked.

" we want to people to know there's never been an actual case of a human being contracting chronic wasting disease from eating meat of an infected animal.

It helps the agency in terms of our availability to manage of monitor the disease.

We want to know the location and prevalence of the disease that most way for us to do that is to get hunters submitted samples."

The steps to having your deer tested are very simple... " we would ask hunters come to the drop off locations, having removed the head from their deer they can also take the antlers off before they get here.

If they can leave us 4-6 inches of the neck of the animal that gives us a little easier time testing the animal."

During drop-off, gruchy says to place your bag in the cooler, take a receipt.

Results are usually available in about three weeks.

Meat processors can also analyze deer.

" we have teamed up with alabama wildlife and fishery.

What we do, is we take samples and we turn them into the biologist and they turn them in and they have them tested to make sure these animals are not infected."

Owner of hunter's gold deer processing adrian van zyl says he processes around 60 to 70 deer per day.

Even though the state of alabama hasn't seen any reports of cwd, van zyl says it's important his customers are given the best quality of cuts...all beginning with an examination.

" being able to look at your meat and make sure that your meat is clean, that's it not infected, it doesn't have a smell, make sure there's no blisters in the rib cage."

In the meantime, hunters should practice safety cautions and have their deer tested located in their hunting areas.

If you have any questions about chronic wasting disease or would like to find a drop location in mississippi, visit our website wcbi dot com.

It's easy to take clean, safe drinking water for granted.

Allie martin tells us how the mississippi rural water association is showing customers about their service.// as a class was underway to provide certification for water system operators.

Nats another course for office personnel was bringing them up to date on latest technology and best practices for handling money and other matters.

Nats the mississippi rural water association is also holding classes for members of water boards statewide during the four day event at the bancorpsouth arena and conference center.

"you as a customer and i as a customer, knowing there's somebody who is qualified, to know what's going in my drinking water, make sure it's safe for me and my family, grandchildren, nursing homes, hospitals, this is where it comes home, and discharge of the waste going into receiving streams, these people are professionals."

There are 1 thousand sixty rural water associations in mississippi and employees say receiving up to date information from the training sessions is crucial for customers.

"i love the vast information we get from mississippi rural water and being able to connect and network with other clerks who do the same thing we do, it's always a great plus."

"stay on top of regulations, you don't want to get caught out of regulations, you got new stuff going on that can help treat the water, so we can best serve the people."

Standup bridge the mississippi rural water association also keeps up with latest trends in the industry.

One of the most disturbing is a drop in the number of young people who want to become system operators or work for rural water associations.

It is one major reason the statewide organization will soon take part in an apprenticeship program.

"we are in the process of starting a apprenticeship program with mississippi rural water in conjunction with national rural water to try and get younger people on board , in this type of work.

Lots of our systems are small systems and to keep rates low they aren't able to pay men good money and provide benefits, they may have the salary but cannot provide benefits, and benefits is a major thing these days."

Mayfield also points out that mississippi has the largest number of usda loans and grants for rural water associations than any other state.

He credits that to years of strong representation in washington.

In tupelo, allie martin, wcbi news coming up... we introduce you to two teachers that are writing to help their students... our educator of the week is next... welcome back everyone// w-c-b-i is hosting north mississippi's only live gubernatorial debate// you've heard us talk about it this week// attorney general jim hood and lt.

Governor tate reeves will be in the studio for a round table discussion.

We're tackling the issues that affect you.

Road repairs, health care and education...all hot topics across the magnolia state.

We'll also be taking questions from you at home.

Our scott martin will be following social media and asking the candidates questions from you.

Reeves and hood both say north mississippi is a vital part of the state and they want you to hear where they stand on issues.

Centered instead of one extraordinary teacher...we decided to profile two!

Earlier this week...julie heintz and brittany alexander were surprised when we stopped by their classrooms. heintz is a m-s-m-s history teacher and alexander teaches 2nd grade math at french camp elementary.

Heintz is passionate about history...the way alexander enjoys breaking down math problems using coins.

"these kind of images are on their page but what made these people and what was their background and what drove them to do what they do" butted sot "as a teacher it is such a great pay check when i child looks at you and tells them that they love you and there's not a day that goes by that i don't tell these kids that i love them because they are everything to me" to nominate your favorite educator visit wcbi dot com.

Both educators are our back to school essay contest winners!

They each will get 500 dollars to spend on their classrooms roll eow billboard storm chances exist friday afternoon & night with another 1/4" to over 1" possible.

Much cooler air slides in for the weekend with highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s.

Additional rain chances are possible going into early next week.

Wednesday night: partly cloudy and quiet.

Lows in the 60s.

Thursday: a mix of sun and clouds with spotty showers or storms possible during the day.

The chance of rain is 20%.

Above normal highs in the mid to upper 80s can be expected.

Winds sse 5-15 mph.

Conditions should be ok for any of those high school football games slated for the evening.

Thursday night: variably cloudy and mild.

Lows in the 60s.

Friday afternoon futurecast friday: a fall cold front is going to push across the region.

Out ahead of it temperatures will rise back into the 80s with moist southerly breezes developing.

A line of showers and storms will cross the area from west to east during the afternoon and evening.

Some gusty storms with lightning are possible but widespread severe weather appears unlikely at this time.

Friday night: mostly cloudy with showers continuing.

Lows in the low 50s and upper 40s.

Saturday: much cooler 60s may be the best we can do in the wake of the cold front.

Some lingering showers may exist during the morning hours before the sun returns.

Lows saturday night may drop to around 40 and that means some of those cooler spots may dip into the upper 30s.

Sunday-tuesday: data continue to suggest that additional showers and perhaps a few storms may develop.

Temperatures should moderate back closer to seasonal norms by monday and tuesday.

Stay connected with @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, and instagram a big turnout to decide our game of the week for week eight... more than 1500 votes between four great divisional matchups...but only one could win the winner of our facebook and twitter poll, and our game of the week for week 8....the mooreville troopers travel to lowndes county to take on the caledonia confederates a region 2-4a battle....the super troops and the feds have battled for the past four seasons....caledo nia the winners of three of the last 4, including last year's 34-20 win one of the only games in north mississippi that feels like it's making it to friday...we'll be live from caledonia friday to kick off week eight of the endzone heading into week eight....we already had quite the appetizer for high school football... now, do to weather, fall break, homecoming, whatever the reason, we have a full meal for thursday night schedules changes for week 8 last night, the tupelo lady wave clinched a third round postseason appearance in slow-pitch, and two of its biggest stars shined the brightest the dominant one-two punch of nakiya cayson and paris lehman are our co athletes of the week.

Cayson pitched a shutout in both games versus south panola this past weekend and has 6 homeruns for the season.

Lehman has been sensational at the plate all season...21 home runs with more than 50 rbis the two combined for 3 home runs in the series against columbus tuesday...and hope to elevate their play at the lady wave push for a title "i feel like graduating 5 seniors last year including ivy watts who was a pretty big bat and contributor so i had to step up.

Step up and fill her shoes and be a leader like she was.

Hit that way like she did so we can have some more success in the lineup."

"i try to come in with the best attitude possible and give the upmost effort.

That's helped me be the best player i can possibly be.

Just an honor because it means all the work i put in and effort from my team is being brought to the spotlight."

When we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your forecast.

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