News 8 Highlight Zone - October 11, 2019

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Published on October 14, 2019 -
News 8 Highlight Zone - October 11, 2019

News 8 Highlight Zone - October 11, 2019

News8 highlight zone, i'm ken kosirowski.

And i'm jordan fremstad.

Well, the intensity is heating up for these last two weeks of the regular season.

Conference titles and playoff spots are on the line, and we've got some great matchups as a result.

And our first of the night has a lot going on.

Onalaska, unbeaten in the mvc, against 2-2 central over at roger harring.

Wissports.net says you need four conference wins to be playoff eligible in the mvc, but you can also finish 500 and get in.

Basically, life for central is much easier if they can win tonight.

But before the kickoff tonight, both teams came together to send off one of central's longest tenured coaches.

Alumni and both current rosters took to the field tonight to honor d-line coach corey degaetano, in his last season coaching central.

He's been with the program for the last 50 years.

Very genuine guy when we featured him on news 8 earlier this fall.

Now to the game.

1st quarter... ona strikes first... nathan lubinski makes a couple moves and takes it in from 29 yards out... 7-0 toppers --------------- ensuing drive..

Central's mason herlitzke passes to johnny davis inside the 25 yard line..

Raiders unable to capitalize... ---------------- next drive for onalaska goes to the air... austin larson to landon peterson for the touchdown... to give them the early 13 point lead... ---------------- to the second quarter... onalaska on their own 21... lubinski takes the direct snap and follows his quarterbacks lead block to a huge hole... and then it's off the races.... no one is catching him..

79 yards... hilltoppers up 21-0 -------------------- later..

Onalaska again..

Peterson on the quarterback sneak... 27-0 hilltoppers ------------------- late in the half... you guessed it... more onalaska peterson to lubinski to complete the hat trick for both of them... onalaska blanks central 41-0.

What a huge statement.

Central is now 2-3 in mvc play.

Over at holmen, the vikings looking to keep pace with those hilltoppers, as they take on sparta.

We start this one early in the first quarter with the snow flurries flying... -- after a holmen fumble, cole wisniewski on sparta's first offensive play, cuts back to his left and has a huge seam, across the 50, eventually brought down but off to a great start.

-- two plays later, wisniewski again on the keeper, he's in 6-0 spartans lead, pat was blocked... -- in the second, holmen in the red zone, jaedon abraham on the carry and he tumbles his way in, holmen takes a 7-6 lead into the locker room.

-- sparta's first drive in the third, nick kent on the carry has a hole, and he's not gonna be denied, touchdown sparta 12-7... -- on the two pointer, give to wisniewski but he's stuffed, still 12-7... -- later in the third, holmen trying the run to the far side but they cough up the football, it's picked up by isaac stuessel and he takes it to the house, 18-7... -- still in the third, more sparta, the caryr to corbin hauser and you know where it's going, 25-7 spartans... holmen makes a comeback attempt late, but sparta sacks cam weber on fourth down to hang on 25-20.

Timberwolves control the ball most of the first quarter and brandon lueke takes it to the house for tomah from 31 yards out for the first score of the game.

Timerbwolves up 7-0.

---------- west salem fighting back at the end of the half as zach niemeier finds an opening in the endzone.

Game tied going into half as .......... tomah goes on to win 21-7.

So next week's showdown for onalaska and holmen will be every bit as big- time as we could hope for.

Over in the scenic bluffs, bangor football is closing in on its sixth consecutive conference title.

Brookwood, however, can tie them in the standings with an upset tonight.

Senior night would start no different than most nights for the cardinals on offense.

-------------------- hank reader drops the snap...but his ability to improvise on the run carries him 32 yards to the endzone...and bangor is on top by six.

--------------------- a blocked punt sets up the cardinals in plus territory on their next possesion....and mathieu oesterle marches in from 5 yards away and it's 14-0.

------------------------ with less than a minute in the first...carter horstman does more damage....gettin g through some brookwood defenders....?do es he have enough speed?

Not quite....jaydon koltermann and mitchell klinkner saves the touchdown... --------------------------- but reader caps off the drive to make it 22-0... after the two- point conversion.

------------------------- the floodgates would open right before the half....this time horstman is the one rumbling into the endzone.... it's 29-0 bangor at the half...and the cardinals go on to roll 50-0 and clinch a share of the scenic bluffs.

Ridge valley matchup with de soto visiting ithaca.

---------- in the second quarter ithaca deep in their own territory when matthew fruth strips the ball for de soto and the pirates are able recover it.

---------- on the ensuing drive trevor rebhahn is able to muscle his way into the endzone for the pirates as they open up the scoring leading 7-0.

---------- ithaca though comes right back on the attack as parker hisel finds justin durst but the ball slips out of his hands but he is able to recover for a big gain.

---------- ithaca now down on the 2 yard line as they hand it off to john honer as he powers his way in for the bulldogs and they convert the 2- point conversion leading 8-7 at half and ithaca wins a tight one, 22-20.

Coming up, caledonia goes for consecutive win number 61, plus dairyland welcome back to the news 8 highlight zone.

Let's head over to minnesota football, where in the southeast white standings, caledonia as usual remains perfect.

Tonight they're at home against pine island.

----- caledonia defense coming up huge in the first quarter....elias dvorak gets to the quarterback for the strip sack.....and guess who picks it up....ezra dvorak.....he takes it back for the scoop and score....and the warriors are loving the big man touchdown.... ------ let's jump to the second quarter....check out this sequence......noa h king completes the pass to donnie lakey....he loses the football.....and pine island jumps on it....panther football..... ------ but on the very next play....panthers looking to run....noah king says i'll have that right back....comes up with the fumble recovery....warr iors take over at the 18.... ---- just two plays later...king hits lakey on the slant route....that's one way to make up for the turnover....cale donia up two scores.... caledonia keeps on rolling 34-0.

Over in houston, the hurricanes taking on madella... ----- first drive of the second half....give it to ben walters....he scores and puts the hurricans up 32 to 14..... ----- defense coming up big for houston....caide n olson...playing the tip drill...he comes up with the diving interception....k eeps the blackhawks off the scoreboard..... ---- fourth quarter we go....and it's walters once again....going up the middle....sheddin g tacklers...and the senior puts the finishing touches on a homecoming victory.... houston wins 38-28.

Alright, let's cross back into wisconsin for some dairyland action.

Melrose- mindoro and eleva-strum, two teams who are a win away from officially becoming playoff eligible.

Scoreless late in the half... eleva- strum's nicholas higley coming out of the backfield... he pushes it into the endzone ... cardinals take a 6-0 lead into the locker room.

To the third quarter ... mel-min's tucker sbraggia with the q-b keeper ... the mustangs get the extra point ... they go up 7-6.

Fourth quarter ... cardinals driving... but wyatt miland fumbles... melrose- mindoro's jason arzt come up with the big recovery .... but the mustangs can't convert.

Under two minutes to go.... cardinals looking to go back on top it's higley again.

From just a couple yards out.

Eleva-strum back on top.

That's the deciding score.

Eleva-strum wins it 14-7.

Whitehall coming off a huge win over blair taylor last week, norseman meet the cfc pirates tonight.

------------- starting off for cfc... pitch out to the right and richard palma cuts through the defense... liam herrick on the strip to force the fumble... this ones recovered by the norseman.

------------- ryan kleinhans drops back for the pass but this one is intercepted by brett drazowski... penalty on the horse collar tackle and that will add a few more yards to this play.

------------- now just before half... kleinhans again on the pass... this one finds the hands of teammate jon schwartz... he's not finished... he will go on to pick up the first plus some.

Whitehall now back to 500 in conference with a defensive win....7-3.

And in the southwest, we know prairie du chien is playoff eligible at 4-1, but arcadia can secure themselves a spot with a win at home.

They've got platteville as they try to go 4-2 in conference... ------------- platteville's tyler mcclain drops back for the pass and he will let it sail... and check it out... seth milsap with an unbelievable catch for the touchdown... teammates are loving it... we are tied up at 12 a piece ------------- snap to running back john goomey... he fakes the run and throws up a pass... devin digman brings it down but takes the hit... and this one is intercepted... ------------- platteville now in the redzone... hand off to goomey and he will punch it in for the hillmen touchdown.

------------- platteville goes on to win 24-20.

So with one week to go in the regular season, this is how things stand.

Onalaska is guaranteed at least a share of the m-v-c.

Bangor has a share of the scenic bluffs conference.

Caledonia clinches a share of the southeast white division.

Eleva strum is playoff eligible.

So is cashton with their one point win over royall.

Central, melrose- mindoro, and whitehall are still alive in the playoff hunt.

And in college soccer, viterbo hosting bellevue on cancer awareness day... first half, emma weber passes to lara boyum... she gets an open look but her shot sails just a bit high... game remains scoreless... ----------------- few minutes later... bellevue is on the attack... emily weyant gets an angle but her shot is gobbled up by abby breitbach... ---------------- v-hawks would then get an oppurtunity... sydney king's shot on the free kick is perfect as it carries over the goalie and into the net.... that gives viterbo a 1-0 lead... viterbo wins a wild one tonight, 3-2 on a golden goal.

Coming up, the good and the bad on the packers injury front--who's back and who's down for the sense rushing it.

On the lions side, no mike daniels tomah girls golf is heading to state as a team, and it took plenty of resilience to get there.

In their stevens point sectional last week, only 17 girls shot under 100.

Four of them were timberwolves.

The young tomah team has plenty of skill, including sophomore sophie pokela who posted a school record 72 earlier this season.

She says it was the team's hard work over the summer that had them ready to rock the postseason.

"we all do the summer pga and three rivers golf association tournaments, and i don't think there's ever been a team in the past that everybody on the team has done that.

I think that really contributed to how good we've been."

Tomah is also paced by freshman brin neumann who won last week's sectional with an 82.

She says to replicate her success, it's all about staying level-headed.

The state tournament begins monday morning at university ridge in madison.

Our viewing area will also be represented by senior rylee haines from arcadia- independence.

Coming up, find out which moment gets the nod for play of the night.

"nats-band welcome back to the news 8 highlight zone...time for our play of the night.

We go back to caledonia where elias and ezra dvorak team up the strip sack...and then the scoop and score....this is every lineman's dream....warrior s win...34 to nothing....

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