Friday Morning Sprint

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Published on October 19, 2019 -

Friday Morning Sprint

Madison police are still searching for suspects in a shots fired incident near the UW-Madison campus.


Friday Morning Sprint

6:5 .... time for the morning sprint... as we get your friday started with more local news.

We begin with breaking news overnight... madison police are still searching for suspects in a shots fired incident near the uw-madison campus.

It happened on the 600 block of langdon street around 10:30.

An off-campus wisc alert was sent to students 30 minutes later... saying the suspects left before police got there.

No one was injured as a result of the shots fired but a building was damaged.

Police are still investigating.

Investigators are looking into what caused a fire at the gift shop at the madison mallards stadium just before 10 last night.

The fire department says the fire is being investigated as being potentially suspicious.

The fire is out... but hot spots within the building flared up throughout the night.

The roof collapsed... and there's extensive damage throughout the building.

No one was injured.

Students at madison west high school are waking up this morning... ready to walk out of class in protest of the firing of a staff member.

Marlon anderson says he was fired on wednesday for using the n- word... he says he only used it to tell a student to stop calling him that.

Now... he's filing a grievance with the madison metropolitan school district.

Today: partly sunny, breezy and milder.

High: 62 wind: s 10-20 mph tonight: partly cloudy and not as cool.

Low: 48 wind: s 7-15 mph reuters reports gunfire can be heard in northeast syria this morning... a day after turkey agreed with the u-s to pause its offensive there.

The agreement states there will be no forward movement of troops on the ground... and no military action other than self-defense for a 120-hour period as kurdish forces withdraw from the safe zone.

At the white house... the administration is trying to walk back comments by one of president trump's top advisors.

Acting chief of staff mick mulvaney told reporters yesterday the administration did withhold aid in part until ukraine investigated an unsubstantiated theory that ukraine-- not russia-- was behind the hacking of democratic party emails in 20-16.

Later-- mulvaney said his remarks were misconstrued, and there was "no quid pro quo."

Sun prairie could soon have a post office named after fallen firefighter captain cory barr.

A bill to rename a post office in the city passed the u-s house of representatives.

The senate passed bipartisan legislation earlier tihs summer to make the change.

Barr died when a gas leak caused an explosion in downtown sun prairie last summer.

Dane county district attorney ismael ozanne is focusing on restorative justice ahead of his re-election campaign.

Ozanne says he would like to see a community justice center... which he says would affect the entire criminal justice system... and could serve as a preventative measure by teaching the youth ozanne announced he will be running for re-election at his birthday celebration last night.

Former lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch is stepping down from her job in d-c... and returning to wisconsin.

She started working as the executive director of the women's suffrage centennial commission in january.

Kleefisch is widely expected to run for governor in 20- 22.

She served eight years as lieutenant governor under governor scott walker.

The woman accused of shooting her estranged husband is being identified as 43- year-old nova suarez of monona.

She's facing a tentative charge of attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

The shooting happened wednesday night at blackhawk community credit union on center avenue in janesville... a 48-year-old man was shot in the face while at an a-t-m.

He was treated for non-life threatening injuries at mercy hospital and released later that night.

The man who admitted to shooting another man in the back of the head will find out how long he'll spend in prison today.

Sentencing for antonio gentry is set for this afternoon.

He plead guilty to second degree intentional homicide and other charges stemming from the death of rayshawn jackson last may.

Police say gentry shot jackson in the back of the head following an argument ... and tried to shoot witnesses before the gun jammed.

A new u-s study finds 95 percent of baby foods have trace amounts of toxic metals that could affect a child's brain development and i-q.

Some of those include arsenic... and lead.

Those elements occur naturally in soil and water... and at greater concentrations in polluted areas.

Researchers suggest parents choose a variety of fruits and vegetables... and avoid higher risk foods like rice- based snacks.

The wisc-tv signal is moving to a new frequency today.

Those of you who watch us via antenna will need to re-scan your t-v after 10 a-m to continue watching us.

We'll have a video on our website explaining how to do it... and we'll have experts on hand to answer all your questions during a special news 3 now phone bank starting at 8.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to jason stone with a look at your first-alert traffic.

Today: partly sunny, breezy and milder.

High: 62 wind: s 10-20 mph tonight: partly cloudy and not as cool.

Low: 48 wind: s 7-15 mph today: partly sunny, breezy and milder.

High: 62 wind: s 10-20 mph tonight: partly cloudy and not as cool.

Low: 48 wind: s 7-15 mph saturday: variably cloudy with a chance for showers.

High: 58 wind: sw 7-15 mph saturday night: partly cloudy.

Low: 42 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: partly sunny and pleasant; becoming cloudy with a chance for showers and thunderstorms at night.

High: 63 wind: se 7-15 mph monday: mostly cloudy with a chance for showers and thunderstorms. low: 51 high: 59 tuesday: partly sunny, breezy and cooler.

Low: 41 high: 48 wednesday: partly sunny and cool.

Low: 38 high: 52 thursday: mostly cloudy and breezy with a slight chance of showers.

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