Venezuelan opposition lawmakers attacked

Credit: Reuters Studio
Published on January 16, 2020 - Duration: 01:13s

Venezuelan opposition lawmakers attacked

Armed civilians attacked a convoy of vehicles carrying Venezuelan opposition politicians to congress on Wednesday, backing recent efforts under President Nicolas Maduro to bar opposition leader Juan Guaido from presiding over parliament.

Gavino Garay reports.


Venezuelan opposition lawmakers attacked

TEASER: An attack on Venezuelan opposition lawmakers... caught on camera.

A camera inside a vehicle carrying Venezuelan opposition deputies captured the moment their convoy was attacked by armed civilians on the streets of Caracas on Wednesday morning.

After having the back window of one of the vehicles smashed in, the lawmakers sped off to safety.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido swiftly condemned the attack on the deputies who were on their way to parliament as quote "violent and brutal" and said the attack on his allies is just the latest effort by socialist President Nicolas Maduro to keep him from presiding over parliament.

He spoke to reporters at an alternate parliamentary session in a Caracas suburb... On Jan.

5, troops blocked Guaido from entering congress and the Socialist Party declared allied legislator Luis Parra as head of parliament, allowing Maduro to seize control of the one Venezuelan institution outside his grip.

Guaido's spokesman said four opposition politicians were in the vehicles, including Carlos Berrizbeitia, Guaido's second congressional vice president.

No one was injured.

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