D’Iberville honors spring athletes with parade

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Published on May 2, 2020 -

D’Iberville honors spring athletes with parade

There’s no way for high schools to recreate the lost senior night for so many spring athletes from the class of 2020, but D’Iberville High School is one of many across the Gulf Coast trying to do next best thing.


D’Iberville honors spring athletes with parade

- there's no way for high schools- to re-create the lost senior- night, for so many spring - athletes from the class of 20-- 20... but d'iberville high- school is one of many, across - the - gulf coast... trying to do the- next best thing.- this evening... more than 50- cars lined up around the main - building... with a lot of those- soon-to-be graduates riding - shotgun... or rooftop...- whatever works.

- no mardi gras beads or moon - pies, but a parade- nonetheless... as - coaches and teachers cheered on- their former athletes,- one last time... from more than- six feet away.- the corona-virus might have - stripped these seniors of - valuable memories they'll never- get back... but on friday...- those same seniors made a - memory... they never would- have otherwise.

- - "what we did was we allowed the chance for- the seniors to get a highlight- day, and for us to show them ho- happy we are for- them.

A small token of our- appreciation.

This is the least- we could do is to let them know- that we appreciate what they've- done for the community up until- this point, and we're - excited for them.

We're excited- for them, and looking forward - for good- things to happen to them in the- future."

"it's like the teachers i love you, like - memories you make at school.- this is the stuff you never - forget for the rest of your - life.

- it's just amazing.

It's - speechless.

That's what we do.- we're warriors.

We're - warriors.

It's dhs, man.

I mean- that's how we roll."

- - - among the sports represented at- friday's parade...- were baseball... softball...- golf... tennis... track and - field...- powerlifting... and

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