Memorial Day Lake of the Ozarks (5-26-20)

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Published on May 27, 2020 -
Memorial Day Lake of the Ozarks (5-26-20)

Memorial Day Lake of the Ozarks (5-26-20)

Officially in the books...but after videos surfaced of parties and bars in the lake of the ozarks over the weekend doctors worry -- the holiday will be memorialized for all the wrong reasons.kq2's madeline mcclain explains.

It's the memorial weekend seen round the world.holiday pool parties and packed bars at the lake of the ozarks.dr. dana hawkinson, ku health system: "you know, my first gut reaction in a word is irresponsible."drawing criticism from doctors chancellor dr. doug girod"as you can see in the video, there is a big component of personal responsibility that goes with this."dr. dana hawkinson, ku health system: "i understand.

We've said, we want to be out and social with people and our families.

But there are ways to do that.

You know, we said being outside is the best thing and social distance.

Not or.

But both of those things."and state officials...dr. randall williams, mo.

Health director: doctors say it's now a waiting game -- the impact won't be known for one to two weeks.dr. dana hawkinson, ku health system: we know that covid likes to find a susceptible host.

We know that it is very easy to spread from one person to another when there are people close to each other."

The same game -- doctors and health officials have been playing since states across the country began reopening dr. dana hawkinson, ku health system: until we know the full data, by looking back we don't know the full effect of everything including the re- openings."dr. steve stites, ku health system: i think folks are just tired of it still being real and they want to go back to normal.

I'm not sure it's time yet."hoping people are careful and practice social distancing chancellor dr. doug girod"maybe there's a lot of people that don't know anyone that's been sick.

You know, because we've been able to keep those numbers down.

I know several people that have been sick, and some who have lost parents and it's very real and i don't think everyone has had that experience so its a bit nebulous out there."but after watching how some celebrated the long weekend -- bracing for another surge in covid-19 cases.dr. steve stites, ku health system: i think people think, 'well gosh maybe it's overblown, it's over-talked about, and people got too excited and they got panicked and we are not new york, and fortunately we are not new york or italy.

But the idea that it's not real will unfortunately run into a stone cold reality when you start to lose people that you are close to."reporting inst.

Joseph, madeline mcclain kq2 news.

Governor mike parson announcing today that st.

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