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Published on June 8, 2020 -
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- - good evening gulf coast and - thanks for joining us, i'm- taylor rubach.

We're starting - off with our tropical strom - cristobal weather coverage.

- we've been tracking the storms- all day, and have seen- coastal flooding, trees down an- power outages.- now, here's meteorologist - brantly keiek , with a quick- look at your weather.

- - script- - - - - - wxxv >> southeast of new orleans.

But as many of you hav noticed, the impacts are well far east of the ... inner circulation.

Most of the rain ... has actually been over south mississippi.

Just as ... any of the models predict ... he receives several inches of rain ... and everyone in our area under some sort of a ... watch or working right now ... because of the heavy rainfall earlier we saw ... a lot of road closures due to the ... sliding and due to storm surge and ... some of those roads have since reopened, but ... any of them are still those ... roster area ... resume things out is a bigger picture we saw earlier today ... of reducing christ ... slot here in the stormy night is what prevented it ... strength and even more ... for moving onshore.

So were still ... in those winds right now ... at around 50 mile-per-hour sustained out the latest update from the hurricanes that are ... read another update from them here in the next hour ... and that will also give us an updated track the latest track we have does show the ... system ... continuing to move towards ... the north and eventually making a curve towards north west ... of going around 45 miles an hour ... 's maxims of the wind ... by 1 am so ... i didn't loose either in really not dropping down was strength all that much.

Not until tomorrow.

I ... knew ... it we moving pretty quick.

We as well, but ... even as the storm moves ... towards the northwest ... were still going to see a lot of wraparound moisture a lot more ... rain will be moved ... in as well ... see on array are your ... ready headbands of rain across the area.

We see most of the day ... this little while ago we did ge a decent ratio now erc ... pretty heavy bands of rain moving onshore ... .

One place that has seen ... the majority of the rain today has been harassed ... and counties ... upwards of around ives is ... inches of rain.

Some areas ... even ... or 9 inches of rain causing lot of ... writing ... in biloxi earlier today.

Nice rehab news 25 scratch it is all right now ... you're idea what he's seeing ou grant ... i really think you for that wor out here just a ride to biloxi visitors center and i am by the blood the lighthouse on the' for just a second news 25 greece boils you look at what the scene is right now it's very gusty right now out here.

We, slapped up on the rain in this particular area, but this section of highway 90 it's notable is open right now.

Cars have been passed in me for abou the 30 minutes that we have bee out here and that's notable because highway 90 in harrison county from the bullock bay bridge to the bay st.

Louis a bridge was closed for the better portion of the day and there ar still areas of highway 90 that have waters.

That's one of the most important things to keep i mind if you're out and about right now is if you can stay home.

Please do that but if you're out and about.

Please make sure you're extremely cautious out here, it's important to know that it is still windy.

Like i mentioned it's still raining.

So if you are out member the phrase turnaround don't drown.

I was in gulfport earlier there were som homes that were taking ones water right off of bernard you i was also in long beach, as well as parts of highway 90 there were experiencing some flooding near the long each harbor i've been out all dancing at first hand waters something that you but you know what a mess around with, especially on the roadways.

It's important to state that is power here right now there's no power in this area.

Like i said are still going on.

The lights are functioning.

The streetlights are functioning.

The red lights are as well.

The block lighthouse.

Did take a little bit of a hit earlier to try to get a closer look.

As we move o in this newscast that's important in a little storm surge.

It hasn't really hit that parking lot is a right across the street from us on highway 90 will get what it looks like right now i block the authority back to the studio.

But for now, bridget is all i news 25 ... program exodus a safe out they are now in harrison county emergency management director rupert lace the on the phone with us rupert seen flooding at trees and powe lines are down vehicles of submerged underwater, among other incidents, what else is tropical storm.

First of all, bringing to the coast ... .

What we sing in south mrs. b ... i said what is tropical storm krista volcano would we sing here in south mississippi ... right so this is honestly nothing new for south mississippi but another thing i kinda wanted to mouse you how busy have our emergency was honors been honestly that residence should be hanging inside as well.

Can you elaborate ... ray and i real quick.

Can you can't tell us where we been most of crucible hitting here on the coast is in hancock county harrison county, jackson county ... i rupert think that's all the time.

We have think he's much for joining us in with us tonight and i'm pleased safe ou there thinking much ... narrate things like rupert are you guys also a a flood warning has been issued for the following rivers in harrison county had a an problem- the river is expected to rise - above the flood stage monday- morning to a crest of 14' monda- evening.

It will fall below - stage on tuesday afternoon.

- tchoutacabouff a river - above d'iberville - the river will rise above flood- stage to 9' monday- afternoon.- it will fall below stage late - - - - tuesday morning.

A tropical - storm warning and storm surge - warning - continues for harrison county - until further notice.

- also, all non-essential harriso- county employees will - have a delayed start of 10 a.m.- monday- june 8- .

- essential personnel such as the- road department,- sand beach and first responders- will need to report - to work as early as their - department head requests.

Pleas- use caution when traveling as - harrison county remains - under a tropical storm warning.- all county department heads wil- need to reach out to- their employees to let them kno- about the delay and to urge the- to use caution when traveling.- - tropical storm cristobal is - making its way to the coast and- some counties are already - feeling the effects with- flooding causing roads to close- down along the coastal area.- the mississippi department of - transportation said highway 90- in- harrison county is closed to- motorists from the bay st.

Loui- bridge to biloxi.

- as of 7:30pm, all lanes of- highway 90 in biloxi, including- the - biloxi bay bridge have reopened- harrison county board of- supervisors -- and harrison - county ema encourage harrison - county residents not to - travel unless necessary.- the coastal counties are under - tropical storm warning- until further notice, a storm - surge warning with three to - five feet expected until- tomorrow morning as well- as a coastal flood and area - flood watch until tuesday at- seven a.m.- a flash flood warning has been- issued until 10:15pm in the - three coastal counties.

- - the biloxi lighthouse pier took- some major hits as a result - of cristobal.

- water earlier reached as high a- the tops of the pier pilings, - and storm surge covered a good- portion of the beach on each- side of the pier.

- access to the pier's parking lo- is blocked as well.

- - in long beach earlier today,- drivers were forced to take - alternate routes as portions of- highway 90 were - innundated with water.- a stretch of highway 90 near- cleveland and jeff davis- avenues was virutally impassabl- as a result of storm- surge.- police barricaded access roads- to the highway and- maintained a presence in the- area.

- vehicle access to the long beac- harbor was also shut- down as a result.

- - in the bernard bayou area of- gulfport, some homes and- residents are experiencing floo- waters.

- multiple residences on beards - cove drive experinced - the rise of flood waters as a - result of tropical storm- cristobal.- earlier waters reached the top- of mailbox posts and fully- submerged the street.

- gulfport fire chief michael - beyerstedt confirmed that - at least one water rescue was - performed in the area.- - and this is video sent in from- bay st.

Louis of storm surge- flooding, about eight feet of - water.- the viewer says the water is- touching the floor of her - deck, which is about eight feet- above sea level.- - the national weather service's- hurricane - hunters flew into the storm - saturday to better gauge its- strength.

- they measured cristobal having- sustained winds of 50 miles per- hour.

- it is expected to continue to - strengthen as continues it- tracks north through the warm - waters of the gulf of - mexico.

- several models say cristobal is- expected to make landfall - somewhere between marsh island- and slidell.- louisiana's terrebonne parish - has ordered a - mandatory evacuation of all - residents and businesses in the- zone adjacent to the levee- system storm surge is expected- to be - between 4 and 6 feet along the- coastal areas of the parish.- beyond high winds and flooding,- forecasters - warn that storms like cristobal- can produce multiple- tornadoes.- the national weather service- says coastal areas in - mississippi, alabama and the- florida panhandle could - also be at risk.- - as tropical storm cristobal - inches closer towards the - gulf coast - some areas are - already experiencing- major flooding.

- in new orleans, near lake - pontchartrain - the area is - expected to see one to three- feet of rising water.

- a tropical storm is in effect - for all of southeast louisiana- and - coastal mississippi.- - - - tropical storm force winds- ranging greater than 39 miles - per - hour are possible through monda- morning.- rain totals could reach up to - eight inches.

- in jacksonville, florida - floo- waters reached up to three feet- in some areas after heavy rains- pounded the area- overnight.- tropical storm cristobal is - expected to bring higher- rainfall out towards interstate- 75, with rainfall - totals between 2 to 4 inches in- some locations.

- the storm is expected to make - landfall along the coast- of southeast new orleans late - sunday.

- - millions of people across the - gulf coast face the threat- of flash floods... as tropical- storm cristobal approaches- landfall.

- the storm has sustained winds o- 50 mph and is expected to hit - land late sunday.

- you can see flooding is already- impacted areas just east- of new orleans.

- tropical storm warnings are up- for other states too including- mississippi, alabama and parts- of the florida- panhandle.- some areas along the gulf could- see four-to-six... even up- to ten inches of rain.- flash flooding is a real- possibility since gulf states - have- been dealing with excessive - rains for the past month, so- the ground is already saturated- the storm is expected to move - northward into states - including iowa and wisconsin...- areas that rarely see - tropical systems. - - - - - script-

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