Midmorning With Aundrea - July 3, 2020 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - July 3, 2020 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) We take a look at how the way young people view the coronavirus may be fueling its spread.

And with many schools still set to open in the fall, masks will almost assuredly be required.

We'll look at ways you can explain the necessity of face masks to your young children.

And we explore how black-owned banks are supposedly fighting discrimination.


Midmorning With Aundrea - July 3, 2020 (Part 1)

We'lla a very specical midmorning starts right now.

Intro as coronavirus cases surge around the country, there is new focus on how young people make up a growing number of infections.// some are partying at beaches and bars, like there's ánoá pandemic.

// david begnaud takes a look at how young people's attitudes about the virus may be fueling its spread.// "i'm not too scare of getting sick."

From the west coast in san francisco & "it's not reall going to stop me from going out."

&to the east coast in boston& "i just personall don't care.

I haven't gotten sick yet."

...and down south in atlanta& "i'm definitel seeing a lot fewer people wearing masks."

Young people are out enjoying the warmer weather, but according to health officials, they also might be spreading and contracting coronavirus.

As people pack into parks&beaches&re staurants, bars and even concerts... cases are rising in at least 37 states&with surges among young people linked to everything from fitness classes to summer fraternity parties.

"they may b indirectly hurting people by infecting someone who then infects someone, who infects someone vulnerable."

In arizona&nearly half of coronavirus cases are people 20 to 44 years old&last week, president trump held a rally in the state where the crowd of around 3,000 people were mostly young and maskless.

In hays county texas, about 30 miles outside of austin, young adults make up more than half of all cases and in florida -a coronavirus hotspot-the highest number of cases are among people between the ages of 25 and 34 years old.

"if i get it, then you know, you live with your consequences."

Bojan atanasovski lives in west palm beach, florida.

The 25-year-old salesman told us he wears a mask in places where it's required but he doesn't want coronavirus to stop him from living life.

"i need somethin to unwind // some people like reading.

Some people like working out.

// i like, you know, going and seeing other people as well.

Now, if i had to go out and do that with a face mask.


If they required it to wear a face mask.


I'll do that.

But if they don't require it, i would choose not to."

What have you observed over the last few weeks as it pertains to covid-19 in florida?

The age of cases is what is most remarkable.

That has been dropping steadily.

Doctor charles lockwood is the senior vice president of university of south florida health.

He's administered more than 300 coronavirus tests and is alarmed by the spike among young people.

It really is consistent with what we've been observing, which is incredible noncompliance with wearing face masks, social distancing, particularly among young adults and teenagers.

// the problem is that while you may not die and you may not even know you're sick, you may be killing other people.

"if my parent were to get sick, or anyone else around me, i would not be able to live with myself."

Sophia carrion lives with her parents in los angeles and says she's strict about social distancing and wearing a mask.

The 23-year- old has a message to young people not taking the virus seriously.

"it's not just abou you.

That's a big mindset, if i get it it's just the flu.

Maybe, but you don't want to pass it to someone, who could be more vulnerable or more susceptible."

"two 17-year-old died here in the state of florida.

Yes, it is true that older people are far more susceptible to contracting the virus and having a bad outcome.

But at the end of the day, younger people are dying too.

They are getting violently ill.

So this was an attempt to not only listen to them and talk to them but to provide the facts and say you lose nothing by wearing a mask to protect others.

David begnaud, cbs news, miami beach, fl."

But for the youngest of us, some schools are looking at mask requirements.

The challenge for parents and suggestions on how to help your child with this significant change.

Brie isom spoke to local doctors about introducing this concept to your kids.

Communication is the key to success and a smooth transition for your child.

Experts recommend simply asking your children what they think about masks.

"have you see people wearing masks how do you feel about that 18:36 when they talk about feeling you wanna empathize with feeling."

Instead of explaining too much about the purpose of the masks... emphasize they'll be helping others.

"you want to le them know it's a virus and some people are more vulernable to it than others so it's everyones job to keep everyone safe."

Dr. leonard says parents should be setting a good example by wearing a mask too.

"if the parents i wearing the mask in front of the child it'll get used to seeing it and when they see it on kids their own age they won't be stunned."

Becky wachs... a child life specialist for beacon health... says doing demonstrations with your children to show the importance of masks helps too.

"this guy cough right in her face but the inside of her mask is fine ádemonstrationá."

Even incorporating games is beneficial.

"what facia expression am i making?"

And if your child is young... dr. erin leonard says to let them know that their teachers will be reminding them to put their mask on throughout the day.

"they forget it's o that these things are going to happen they just have to try."

Here at home, positive cases of covid-19 are on the rise again.

Bobby martinez talks to an expert about face coverings and the prevention of spreading covid-19.

It's a question that everyone is asking.

"do i think peopl should wear masks when they are out in public?"

Positive cases of covid-19 continue to rise.

Today, mississippi department of health is reporting 680 positive cases along with 14 deaths.

Savannah brown, infection control quality director at och... says face masks play a pivotal role in preventing this disease from spreading... sot - savannah brown - infection control quality director, och "covid-19 i predominantly spread by droplets being if i cough if i sneeze if i sing i talk i yell.

Any of those things.

It can go out of my mouth i mean you seen it right?

We can have that droplet that goes about 6 feet now is that a perfect number no but it does go about that far and if i'm wearing a cloth face covering it limits the spread of that."

Brown has seen first hand the deadly consequences from covid-19.

Sot savannah brown, infection control quality director at och... "in truth i still se positives come through every day.

I have had at least six positive covid-19 tests come across my machine today.

We have patients admitted every day now.

We are seeing patients pass away from covid-19."

Stand up... "and startin today any employees here at mississippi state university are required to wear a face mask upon entering any building on campus.

The university says they're doing this due to the increase of covid- 19 cases in oktibbeha county and the golden triangle."

Also - starting july 6th..

Those who plan to hop on board the starkville- mississippi state university area rapid transit - are required to wear face masks.

Reporting in starkville..

Bobby martinez wcbi news... st starkville mayor lynn spruill says a mask ordinance vote will happen at the next next board of aldermen meeting on july 7th... with fireworks cancelled around the country because of the pa, emic, many people are planning to put on their own shows at home.

Now a first of its kind study suggests that inhaling firework smoke may be potentially dangerous.

Naomi ruchim has more.

Fireworks are bright and beautiful.

They get their vibrant colors from metals.

Now researchers at nyu grossman school of medicine have found fireworks sold to consumers can release toxic metals into the air.

I was surprised there were such high levels lead study author dr. terry gordon says his son christopher came up with the idea to study the toxicity of fireworks particles for a high school science project.

They collected airborne particles emitted from about a dozen different types of fireworks and tested them on human cells in the lab.

We found high levels of lead in one of the 12 samples .

Another common metal we found was copper at high levels, we also found strontium, barium and titanium and aluminum.

Researchers also analyzed air quality samples taken over 14 years and found toxic metal levels were higher around the 4th of july and new year's eve..

Popular times for fireworks.


Nobody considers the metals and the particles that we're going to breathe.

And the consumer fireworks are mostly for young children.

One should not assume that these are safe just because a manufacturer sells them.

And obviously, i feel that the manufacturer should up their game so to speak at testing fireworks dr. gordon says while more study is needed, he plans to share his findings with health officials , fireworks manufacturers and regulatory agencies.

Naomi ruchim, cbs news, new york.

Doctor gordon's research also showed particles from the fireworks could potentially damage cells in the lung.

When we come back, a look at banks that are working to change the nationwide effort to fight racism is shedding new light on the financial imbalances between races in this country.// nearly half of all african americans do not have access to financial services like credit cards and loans.

// just 44 percent of black americans own the home they live in, compared to more than 73 percent of white americans.// alex wagner reports on how black-owned banks are playing a critical role in fighting discrimination.// di discrimination.// it its been a long road.

But one man is keeping pace.

His story ahead on mid morning.

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