Chilling moment 'ghost' reverses truck and opens its doors

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Published on September 16, 2020 - Duration: 03:06s

Chilling moment 'ghost' reverses truck and opens its doors

This is the chilling moment a parked truck was seen driving backwards before the doors mysteriously opened on its own.

The truckโ€™s owner, Joseph Vigo, was confused after he found it in the morning outside its parking space with its rear was bumper against the fence.

He thought that thieves were trying to steal it so he asked the local officials in Bataan province, the Philippines to review the CCTV on August 31.

They were shocked after the security camera facing the car park showed the unmanned truck moving on its own around 3 a.m., a few hours before Joseph found it.

He said: ''We played the video multiple times, but there was no one there to move the truck .

Some of the employees at the office even joined us watch the footage and they couldn't see sanything.'' There were other cars parked beside the truck but it was the only one to move.

Superstitious locals believe that a spirit living in the old mango tree at the back of the building is responsible for driving the truck.

To stop the villagers from worrying, the local officials invited mechanical engineers to check the truck and the parking lot.

Engineer Kristine Ann Reclosado said that the truck is an old model and could easily slide down the uneven car park, especially because the hand brake was faulty.

She said: โ€œThe truck's brakes are broken.

It was also left on neutral so it is possible that the truck just moved on its own.โ€ Meanwhile, the local officials said they will put more religious statues around the car park so that the villagers will feel more at ease in the area.


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