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Graham Cassidy

The bill would make big changes to the nation's health care system by rolling back key requirements of Obamacare, including that insurers not charge more to..
18 hours ago • NPR


The bill's political fortunes -- already dim -- just got dimmer.
11 hours ago • Huffington Post

Venezuela / Travel Ban

The new restrictions, slated to go into effect on October 18, broadens the scope of the ban from Muslim-majority countries.
4 hours ago • Huffington Post

Kneeling / Free Speech

Top Trump administration officials on Sunday defended President Trump’s remarks this weekend about NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, disagreeing..
10 hours ago • FOXNews.com

Germany / Merkel

Early poll results from Sunday's vote show the AfD had the best showing for a far-right party in decades, taking third place.
9 hours ago • NPR


National Anthem

Their opponents, the Tennessee Titans, also did not appear for the anthem, but for a different reason.
7 hours ago • Huffington Post

Angela Merkel

Preliminary results show German voters gave Chancellor Angela Merkel a mandate for a fourth term today, but with far fewer votes than needed for her to govern..
10 hours ago • NPR

Earthquake / Germany

"We will hunt Chancellor Merkel. We will bring our county and our nation back," AfD leader Alexander Gauland told a cheering crowd of supporters. Is this a..
4 hours ago • NPR

North Korea / Venezuela

President Donald Trump on Sunday signed an executive order with new restrictions on travel to the United States.
4 hours ago • CBS 2


One player broke with the team and stood on the sidelines.
11 hours ago • Huffington Post


Roger Goodell / Donald Trump

One tweeter lamented, "if only you cared as much about free speech as you do about pleasing your father."
2 hours ago • Huffington Post


President Trump on Sunday widened his attack on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, suggesting fans boycott games and continuing his call for team..
17 hours ago • FOXNews.com

Health Care

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, expressed major reservations with legislation to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and remake Medicaid. If Collins doesn't support..
14 hours ago • NPR

Travel Restrictions

President Trump has approved updated travel restrictions on several Mideast and African countries.
5 hours ago • FOXNews.com

Private Email

Other senior Trump aides had also used private email accounts, including Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon.
2 hours ago • Huffington Post


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