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Black Friday

Black Friday is around the corner and companies like HP are already releasing their deals. HP just announced several online deals that mostly go live on November..
4 hours ago • The Verge

Samsung / IPhone

Now that the iPhone X is already on the market, it’s Samsung’s turn to take the innovation lead with the Galaxy S9, but according to a report, the South..
17 hours ago • Softpedia


Apple’s iPhone X is without a doubt one of the most powerful smartphones money can buy right now, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s also the most..
18 hours ago • Softpedia

Russian Propaganda / Facebook

Facebook plans to offer a portal where users can see if they engaged with pages linked to Russian propaganda efforts. The portal, which Facebook says will be..
10 hours ago • The Verge

Net Neutrality

A few weeks ago, as it seemed more and more likely that FCC chairman Ajit Pai would successfully dismantle US net neutrality rules, California Congressional..
5 hours ago • The Verge


Peter Thiel

Venture capitalist Peter Thiel, Facebook Inc's first institutional investor, has sold three-quarters of his remaining stake in the social network, according to a..
7 hours ago • New Zealand Herald

IPhone X

Freedom Mobile offering it for $0 upfront
10 hours ago •

Galaxy S / Samsung

You might not have to wait until Samsung's customary spring event to get a look at the next flagship Galaxy phones. A source talking to well-connected leak..
7 hours ago • TUAW

OnePlus / Android

OnePlus confirmed in its forums yesterday that none of its current devices, including the 3/3T and the 5/5T, will support Project Treble, even after they're..
12 hours ago • The Verge


We all love Pringles, right? Even if you don’t eat them often, once you do you probably find it hard to stop plowing through the stack. They come in so many..
7 hours ago •


Data Breach

On Tuesday, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi quietly announced that Uber had suffered a large data breach in 2016. The worst part? The company reportedly paid the..
6 hours ago • Business Insider

Russian Propaganda

Facebook said it planned to roll out a new tool so you can figure out whether the page or account you followed or liked was run by Russian agents.
5 hours ago •

Galaxy S

All the major smartphones of 2017 are out in the world, but it’s never to early to start thinking about next year’s flagships. Samsung is reportedly starting..
8 hours ago • The Verge


There's been a growing trend of content on YouTube that pretends to be kid-friendly, but is anything but. There have also been reports of content creators with..
7 hours ago • TUAW


Choosing the best laptop is about to get a lot harder. Fall is coming—and so are a slew of new laptops.

In fact, if you're hunting for a new..
10 hours ago • PC World


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