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German Election / Merkel

The Chancellor said she would try and solve the problems of AfD voters
11 hours ago • Independent

German Election

Exit polls from Germany show Chancellor Angela Merkel winning another term, but her party did not do as well as expected — and a right-wing party won seats in..
7 hours ago • NPR


German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party has won the largest share of the vote in Germany's election at 32.5 per cent, but did worse than expected amid surging..
10 hours ago • MailOnline

Angela Merkel

Polling stations have opened across Germany in an election that is likely to see Chancellor Angela Merkel win a historic fourth term and a far-right party enter..
15 hours ago • Sydney Morning Herald


BERLIN (AP) — German election: Alternative for Germany co-leader Alice Weidel pledges ‘constructive opposition’ in parliament.
11 hours ago • Seattle Times


Fourth Term

Angela Merkel will serve as Germany's chancellor for a fourth term, but Sunday's win comes at a high price. The right-wing populists are now the third-strongest..
6 hours ago • Spiegel

Tennessee / Church Shooting

A masked gunman entered a church in Tennessee on Sunday and opened fire, killing at least one person and injuring seven others before apparently shooting..
8 hours ago •

Travel Ban

The Trump administration announced new restrictions on visitors from eight countries - an expansion of the pre-existing travel ban which has spurred fierce legal..
4 hours ago • New Zealand Herald

Private Email / White House

The president's adviser and son-in-law used a private email account for official business.
4 hours ago • BBC News


At least six people have been shot in a Tennessee church in an incident that is still developing.Nashville police are responding to a shooting that injured..
11 hours ago • New Zealand Herald

Church Shooting / Tennessee

Police are responding to reports of a shooting at a chapel in Nashville, Tennessee. Local media reports suggest as many as six people have been wounded.
11 hours ago • Independent


The London Mayor appeared to dismiss his own dire warnings about the impact of the historic vote to quit the EU. Sadiq Khan has called for a second referendum.
10 hours ago • MailOnline

Mexico City

Five days after the deadly magnitude 7.1 earthquake, the hulking wreckage of what used to be a seven-story office building is one of the last hopes: one of just..
4 hours ago • New Zealand Herald

Venezuela / Travel Restrictions

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump on Sunday slapped new travel restrictions on citizens from North Korea, Venezuela and Chad, expanding to eight the..
2 hours ago • Reuters India


Sydney [Australia], Sep 24 : Hindus in Australia staged protests in the major cities on Sunday to express their anguish about objectionable portrayal of Lord..
11 hours ago •


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