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East Coast governors from both parties are turning down requests for National Guard resources in protest of a federal policy of separating immigrant children from their families
10 hours ago • Seattle Times
Authorities say they've recovered the body of a missing boater at a Florida lake
5 hours ago • Seattle Times

Trump administration officials have been sending babies and other young children forcibly separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border to at least three β€œtender age” shelters in South Texas, according to AP.
5 hours ago •
Smoking on the subway is generally considered a subway etiquette faux pas, whether you're lighting up a fat jay, manspreading while vaping, or getting real comfortable on the floor. Even dead sharks can't get away with it in 2018! We regret to inform you that the rumors are true: the teens are at it..
14 hours ago • Gothamist
Because Athens is a city on the rise again, check out today's midday links: Koch Brothers killing public transit projects, black Brooklyn renaissance, Junot Diaz investigation, Colbert has Devil defend Trump child separation policy, and a pizza spirit animal. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on..
18 hours ago • Gothamist

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Authorities say one person appears to be trapped after a vacant seven-story building partially collapsed onto another building in Poughkeepsie
1 day ago • Seattle Times

Millennials are the worst tippers of any age category, a new study by revealed over the weekend.
2 days ago • Newsmax

The weekend box office take saw "Incredibles 2" snag the best animated opening of all time, the biggest PG-rated launch ever and the eighth highest film launch...
2 days ago • Newsmax

A shooting early Sunday at an all-night arts festival in Trenton left 22 injured, four in critical condition. The 33-year-old alleged gunman was killed.
3 days ago •

President Donald Trump has stunned the Korean Peninsula by announcing the stoppage of U.S.-South Korean annual war games that have long been defended as...
1 week ago •