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British Open

Disney's live-action "Lion King" roars into theaters, Round 2 of the British Open and more things to start your Friday morning
13 hours ago • USATODAY.com


Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have played in the same major championship 83 times. This will be the first time in which both missed the cut.
3 hours ago • USATODAY.com

Lion King

The new song on "The Lion King"-inspired album features vocals from Nigerian singer Wizkid, the Brooklyn rapper Saint Jhn and Blue Ivy Carter.
9 hours ago • USATODAY.com

The Lion King

The superstar is all over the 2019 remake’s promotional tour. But how much of her will you hear in the actual film? We counted her lines.
4 hours ago • NYTimes.com


General Motors said the redesigned Corvette Stingray will eliminate the manual transmission, putting the stick shift one step closer to the grave.
5 hours ago • USATODAY.com

Corvette Stingray

The radically re-engineered 2020 Corvette Stingray is faster, more sophisticated and luxurious than any 'Vette before it.
18 hours ago • USATODAY.com

Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill won’t face NFL discipline over child abuse allegations “based on the evidence presently available." But there is enough to justify action.
3 hours ago • USATODAY.com

Aaron Boone

Yankees manager Aaron Boone got a one-game suspension as punishment for the expletive-filled rant he unleashed on an ump Thursday against the Rays.
48 minutes ago • USATODAY.com

Laquan McDonald

After high-profile police shootings, the legal and disciplinary process can play out for years. Only in rare instances do officers face charges.
5 hours ago • NYTimes.com

Kyoto Animation

The Japanese studio was known for employing women, and they made up almost two-thirds of the 33 people killed in an apparent arson.
11 hours ago • NYTimes.com

Nintendo Switch

Southwest passengers traveling from Dallas to San Diego were surprised with Nintendo Switch gaming systems and a visit from Mario himself.
6 hours ago • USATODAY.com

Ilhan Omar

After a week of attacks from President Trump and his supporters, Representative Ilhan Omar returned to her district Thursday night for a hero’s welcome.
5 hours ago • NYTimes.com

Mitch Petrus

Offensive lineman Mitch Petrus, a walk-on at Arkansas who had a three-year NFL career with the Giants, Patriots and Titans, died of heat stroke.
1 hour ago • USATODAY.com

Moon Landing

NEW YORK (AP) — In 1964, Stanley Kubrick, on the recommendation of the science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, bought a telescope. “He got this Questar and..
5 hours ago • Seattle Times


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Franck Louissaint sighed and frowned as he stepped onto his patio and flung aside shower curtains protecting a painting by a..
4 hours ago • Seattle Times

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