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Neil Armstrong / Apollo

The spacesuit astronaut Neil Armstrong wore during his mission to the moon went on public display for the first time in 13 years on Tuesday, at the Smithsonian's..
7 hours ago • Reuters India


Emmy Nominations

LOS ANGELES: The final season of "Game of Thrones" smashed the record for most Primetime Emmy nominations by a drama series in a single year, earning a whopping..
9 hours ago • Bangkok Post

Reasons Why

Netflix has decided to remove a graphic suicide scene from the Season 1 finale of its show 13 Reasons Why as the series prepares to launch its third season.
15 hours ago • CBC.ca

Neil Armstrong

A former NASA intern bought videotapes of the iconic moonwalk at a NASA auction in 1973. He never would have imagined how much they'd be worth 50 years later.
2 hours ago • Seattle Times

Planned Parenthood / Trump Administration

The US's largest provider of reproductive health care has fired its president after less than a year in the job, as the Trump administration rolls back access to..
11 hours ago • Independent

Dark Chocolate

Global food giant Nestlé claims it has invented a new type of chocolate and has revealed where it plans to sell the product first.
19 hours ago • Just-Food


LISBON, Portugal (AP) — Portugal's foreign minister says his country has temporarily stopped granting visas to Iranians "for security..
7 hours ago • SeattlePI.com


A huge prehistoric settlement discovered near Jerusalem by Israeli archaeologists offers new insight into how civilizations developed around the end of the Stone..
15 hours ago • Reuters

Apex Legends

Video game developer of hit battle royale game say they want to 'squash cheaters'
15 hours ago • Independent

Johnny Clegg

South African musician and artist Johnny Clegg, whose music became a symbol of racial unity and political resistance during the apartheid era, died Tuesday after..
2 hours ago • CBC.ca


Contestant says 'empowerment is a personal feeling, and not wearing a bikini does not mean I am not confident about my body'
8 hours ago • Independent


Seattle-Tacoma International Airport's first terminal was dedicated 70 years ago this month. The facility hosted a celebration of aviation history.
1 hour ago • Seattle Times

Elon Musk

The secretive startup is making its first major public announcement
8 hours ago • Independent

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