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Fallout / Alberta

The two provinces have a lot in common, but the tone of the online comments between people in Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador took many by surprise.
11 hours ago • CBC.ca


Joe Biden / Donald Trump

After describing Donald Trump's "lynching" remark as despicable, Joe Biden was forced to apologise for similar remarks in 1998.
1 hour ago • SBS

High School

A teenage boy has been charged after police allege he made an online threat against a Hamilton high school this week.
2 hours ago • CP24


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will unveil his new cabinet on Nov. 20 and is vowing to work with opposition parties -- his first public comments since..
4 hours ago • CP24

Chile Protests

The welfare package includes an increase in the basic pension and a rise in minimum wage.
17 hours ago • BBC News


The leader of the Assembly of First Nations says the minority government elected Monday presents an opportunity to keep moving the needle on issues affecting..
10 hours ago • CP24


If Canada's elementary and high school students were the ones responsible for electing the country's government, this week's vote would still have ended in a..
10 hours ago • CP24

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