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Whistleblower Complaint / Ukraine

Dustin Volz of The Wall Street Journal tells NPR's Scott Simon that President Trump, according to sources, repeatedly pressed Ukraine's president to dig up dirt..
10 hours ago • NPR


Nyc Mayor / Presidential

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ended his campaign for president on Friday. Are New Yorkers glad to have him back to his mayoral duties full time?
10 hours ago • NPR

El Salvador

The U.S. and El Salvador have entered into an asylum agreement that would allow the U.S. to refuse migrants and send them to the crime-plagued Central American..
10 hours ago • NPR


Vice President Mike Pence is making history Saturday as the first sitting vice president to visit Michiganโ€™s quaint Mackinac Islandย and he may also stir up a..
12 hours ago • FOXNews.com

Booker Warns

"The next 10 days will determine whether Cory Booker can stay in this race and compete to win the nomination," Addisu Demissie, Booker's presidential campaign..
6 hours ago • CBS News

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