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Black Lives Matter

City leaders voted today to slash the Los Angeles Police Department budget by US$150 million ($230m), reducing the number of officers to a level not seen for..
7 hours ago • New Zealand Herald


Hong Kongers

Close to 200 Hong Kong protesters have been arrested during clashes with the police after thousands took to the streets of the Chinese-ruled city in defiance of..
12 hours ago • New Zealand Herald


There aren't many causes for optimism when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic plaguing the world, especially for those who get infected and experience severe,..
16 hours ago • New Zealand Herald


Some of America's favorite Independence Day fireworks emit lead, copper, and other toxins, a new study suggests. These metals, which are used to give fireworks..
9 hours ago • Eurasia Review


Scientists record several hundred elephants in Botswana dying of unknown causes since the beginning of May. Experts continue to take samples of the deceased..
3 hours ago • HNGN

Donald Trump

Donald Trump's re-election campaign is selling merchandise bearing a symbol awkwardly reminiscent of one used by Nazi Germany.The symbol in question appears on a..
7 hours ago • New Zealand Herald

Coronavirus Cases

More than 300,000 Victorians have entered lockdown for a second time as other states have warned they are not welcome to visit.
8 hours ago • SBS

Health Minister

David Clark has resigned as New Zealand's health minister after criticism over breaching lockdown rules and the government's response to the coronavirus.
4 hours ago • SBS

Face Masks

WASHINGTON (AP) โ€” President Donald Trumpโ€™s July 4th celebration in Washington will feature one of the largest fireworks displays ever, officials said..
17 hours ago • Seattle Times

West Bank

Australia's Foreign Minister, Marise Payne, says it is concerned about Israel's possible moves towards "unilateral annexation" of parts of the West Bank.
3 hours ago • SBS

Lone Ranger

After long resisting wearing a mask in public, President Donald Trump said Wednesday he thinks it makes him look like the Lone Ranger โ€” and he likes it.โ€ฆ
12 hours ago • Japan Today

Geoffrey Rush

Nationwide News appealed Judge Wigneyโ€™s ruling last year that Rush was defamed by newspaper reports saying he had been accused of inappropriate behavior by..
9 hours ago • Hindu


'It's almost impressive how the Trump White House keeps making this series of scandals worse,' expert in national security law says
17 hours ago • Independent

Coronavirus Spike

New restrictions could pose threat to progress made in second quarter
16 hours ago • FT.com

Coronavirus Surge

The city of 25 million has emerged as India's biggest COVID-19 hotspot with 2,742 deaths and 87,000 cases.
6 hours ago • Al Jazeera