State in the northeastern United States

Pennsylvania, officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a state founded by William Penn in the Northeastern, Great Lakes, Appalachian, and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. The Appalachian Mountains run through its middle. The Commonwealth is bordered by Delaware to the southeast, Maryland to the south, West Virginia to the southwest, Ohio to the west, Lake Erie and the Canadian province of Ontario to the northwest, New York to the north, and New Jersey to the east.

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The court split 4-4, with Chief Justice John Roberts taking liberals' side.
Credit: CBS News - Published 46 minutes ago

A 4-to-4 tie let stand a ruling from Pennsylvania’s highest court that had extended the deadline for counting some mailed ballots by three days, citing the..
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 3 hours ago

The justices' order establishes the ground rules for mail-in voting in one of the nation's key battleground states, with 20 electoral votes.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 3 hours ago

Lines are being drawn in the suburban sand of Pennsylvania and other battleground states where both President Trump and Joe Biden are vying for a coveted voting..
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 22 hours ago

Scranton, Pa., is no longer the dying coal town of Joseph Biden’s youth. It is more racially diverse and prosperous, and not everyone there is enthusiastic..
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 2 days ago

With barely two weeks left before Election Day, the battleground state of Pennsylvania is being flooded with visits by the presidential candidates and their..
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 2 days ago

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are trying to fire up their bases in key battleground states, with just 17 days left in the campaign. Biden..
Credit: CBS News - Published 3 days ago

During September, Biden outspent Trump 2-to-1 on TV ads in North Carolina and Florida, 3-to-1 in Michigan and 4-to-1 in Pennsylvania.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 4 days ago

Gisele Barreto Fetterman said she had asked that a woman who directed racist slurs at her be given “the necessary treatment and intervention needed in order to..
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 4 days ago

President Trump’s top TV ad spending this week is targeting the battleground states of Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, three states he won in 2016 by..
Credit: CBS News - Published 5 days ago

In Pennsylvania, Trump and Biden are making frequent trips to areas that are home to fracking operations, such as Pittsburgh and Luzerne County.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 6 days ago

President Trump held a campaign rally in the battleground state of Pennsylvania Tuesday night and made appeals to seniors and suburban women voters. Democratic..
Credit: CBS News - Published 6 days ago

Here's the latest for Wednesday October 14th: Affordable Care Act looms large in Amy Coney Barrett hearings; Supreme Court lets Census field operations stop..
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 6 days ago

At a rally in Johnstown, Pa., the president’s aides nudged him toward a populist script. But he also had other issues in mind.
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 6 days ago

President Donald Trump has anchored his second rally since contracting the coronavirus, telling voters in Pennsylvania that a vote for him is a vote to protect..
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 6 days ago

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro joined CBSN's "Red and Blue" to discuss a federal judge recently throwing out a Trump campaign challenge to..
Credit: CBS News - Published 6 days ago

President Trump is making a campaign stop in Pennsylvania for the sixth time since September 3, as his own health officials are calling packed rallies a bad idea..
Credit: CBS News - Published 6 days ago

Just more than a week after leaving the hospital, Trump added rallies in Iowa, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida to his campaign schedule this week.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 6 days ago

It's his second rally in two days, and the second one since he returned to the campaign trail after battling COVID-19.
Credit: CBS News - Published 6 days ago

"She says, 'There's that 'N word' that Fetterman married,' and said I was a thief and that I didn't belong here and kept walking," Fetterman told CBS Pittsburgh.
Credit: CBS News - Published 6 days ago

Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 1 week ago

The confirmation hearing for high court nominee Amy Coney Barrett resumes, President Trump heads to Pennsylvania and more news to start your Tuesday.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 week ago

A woman yelled racist and xenophobic insults at Gisele Fetterman, the Pa. lieutenant governor's wife, during a visit to a local grocery store Sunday.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 week ago

Trump's Florida rally, which will be followed this week by events in Pennsylvania and Iowa, takes place amid continuing questions about his health.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 week ago

Pennsylvania's Second Lady -- the Lt. Governor's wife -- was accosted by a woman who hurled racist epithets and told her to get out of the U.S. Gisele Barreto..
Credit: TMZ.com - Published 1 week ago

President Trump is planning campaign events in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Iowa this week. But the White House has not said when his last negative test for the..
Credit: CBS News - Published 1 week ago

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, the wife of Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, said a woman taunted her at a grocery store. Ms. Fetterman shared video of the confrontation on..
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 1 week ago

With President Trump trailing Joseph R. Biden Jr. in Pennsylvania in nearly every poll, his last refuge and perhaps best hope is to maximize the turnout of..
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 1 week ago

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