State in the southeastern United States

Florida is the southernmost contiguous state in the United States. The state is bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, to the northwest by Alabama, to the north by Georgia, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by the Straits of Florida. Florida is the 22nd-most extensive, the 3rd-most populous, and the 8th-most densely populated of the U.S. states. Jacksonville is the most populous municipality in the state and the largest city by area in the contiguous United States. The Miami metropolitan area is Florida's most populous urban area, with its capital being Tallahassee.

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A lawsuit challenging Bernie Sanders asserts there is no basis in Florida law for an independent candidate to run in the Democratic primary.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 2 hours ago

A police officer's body camera shows a 6-year-old Florida girl crying and begging officers not to her arrest her at a charter school as zip ties are placed..
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 3 hours ago

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio on Tuesday said he was confident the administration of President Donald Trump will extend a ban on oil and gas drilling off Florida,..
Credit: Reuters - Published 7 hours ago

Florida forced all 67 election supervisors to sign nondisclosure agreements in order to get training and funding to fight hacking.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 10 hours ago

A man jumped in a Florida canal to save a woman suffering an epileptic seizure from a sinking car.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 12 hours ago

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders is facing blowback from both parties for his comments about the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro...
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 19 hours ago

A rainbow snake, also known as an "eel moccasin," was spotted in Florida's Ocala National Forest for the first time in five decades.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 23 hours ago

Bernie Sanders praised portions of Cuba's socialist system. That's rarely a winning proposition in Florida, home to many Cuban Americans.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 day ago

An invasive species of herpes-carrying monkeys is growing in size, raising the possibility of confrontations with humans, a scientist says.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 day ago

Bernie Sanders told “60 Minutes” that it would be “unfair” to say “everything is bad” about Cuba’s Communist revolution.
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 1 day ago

Three federal appeals judges will decide whether to overturn a $4 verdict awarded to relatives of Gregory Hill Jr, who was killed by a deputy in 2014.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 day ago

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday handed a victory to Walgreens, turning away an appeal by a fired former Florida employee of the pharmacy chain who asked not to..
Credit: Reuters - Published 1 day ago

Softshell turtles are sold as food in Asia while box turtles are popular pets that can fetch a Florida poacher up to $300 each.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 3 days ago

Epcot's transformation of the front of the Florida theme park will be the biggest overhaul Disney has undertaken at any of its parks
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 4 days ago

Standing in his boat in Florida's Apalachicola Bay, Michael Dasher lowered a long pair of tongs into the water, pulling up a muddy mass of oysters that his son..
Credit: Reuters - Published 5 days ago

The teacher admitted to holding the sanitizer near his mouth but claimed the student grabbed the bottle himself and pumped it into his own mouth.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 5 days ago

The bodies of two women were discovered in a car that rolled off a ferry into a deep shipping channel off the coast of South Florida.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 5 days ago

Emma Afra, 63, of Miami, and Viviane Brahms, 76, were found in a vehicle that sank after falling from a Florida ferry.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 6 days ago

Florida cannot bar felons from voting over unpaid fines and fees related to their convictions, a federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday, opening the door to a..
Credit: Reuters - Published 6 days ago

Juror for Massachusetts mob boss regrets conviction after learning of LSD tests, positive news for manatees as Florida's red tide subsides, and more
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 week ago

The experienced skydiver was attempting to avoid another jumper during the landing and impacted the ground "at a high rate of speed," police said.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 week ago

The manager reported that Short was a regular shoplifter. When other shoppers said they saw him stuffing meat in his pants, the manager stopped him.
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 week ago

Under a Florida law called the Baker Act, Nadia King was removed from her Jacksonville elementary school this month after she reportedly had a series of..
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 1 week ago

An otter intrusion led to a dramatic scene at a Florida home. "There was blood on the floor, the otter was hissing, and my daughter was screaming."
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 week ago

President Trump served as the grand marshal for the Daytona 500 auto race and gave the command for drivers to start their engines in Daytona Beach, Florida on..
Credit: USATODAY.com - Published 1 week ago

The appearance at the NASCAR event, complete with flyovers and a trip around the track in the presidential limousine, was a highly choreographed showing by the..
Credit: NYTimes.com - Published 1 week ago

President Donald Trump will test his racing skills in the political swing state of Florida on Sunday with a lap in his presidential limousine "the Beast" at the..
Credit: Reuters - Published 1 week ago

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