WCBI NEWS AT TEN - May 8, 2019

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - May 8, 2019

WCBI NEWS AT TEN - May 8, 2019

A driver is in jail after leading law enforcement on a chase and allegedly ramming a police car in verona.

State troopers tried to stop this truck on highway 278 this afternoon, near the natchez trace parkway.

The pursuit ended on palmetto road.

Law enforcement say the driver of the truck rammed an mhp vehicle, causing that cruiser to hit an unmarked mhp car.

Nearby residents reported hearing gunshots but no one was injured.

Mbi is investigating the case..

A non profit group that helps strengthen families in mississippi is trying to help inmates lead productive lives once they leave jail.

Our allie martin sat in on a "re entry" class, and tells us how inmates are learning life skills.

For four days a week nats tony corrie is in a jail in northeast mississippi, teaching inmates various life skills.

"have opportunity to teach addiction classes, parenting classes, conflict resolutions, healthy relationships."

Corrie is a counselor who leads the "re entry program" for the family resource center.

The goal is simple, to prepare inmates for life and steady employment when they are released.

Corrie emphasizes the importance of parent-child relationships .

He read a well known doctor seuss book to this class of female inmates to show the importance of quality time.

Nats inmates volunteer for the program.

Kayla martin started the course three months ago at the lee county jail.

She appreciates the real life lessons and believes it will make a difference once she is released.

"i've learned about different drugs, how to overcome them and how to get better.

Just showed me what to expect when i get home and how to be a better parent and how to overcome my struggles."

Tony corrie has been part of the "re entry" program for awhile and he has seen the results, first hand.

"last year i was getting set to go on vacation and stopped at fast food restaurant, walked inside, standing in line, got a tap on my shoulder, turned around and the woman was standing there with her child and said, you probably don't remember me but i took classes in the jail and i am back home, got a job and got my child, if that doesn't make it worth it, nothing will.

" corrie knows these ladies can have the same results, with the right skills, lifestyle changes and a strong support system.

Allie martin, wcbi news.

The re entry program continues for students after they are released.

The family resource center hopes to expand the program to more counties in the future.

The tupelo public school district is stepping up security at its campuses..

The district and the tupelo police department have agreed to add three additional school resource officers next school year.

T-p-s-d will pay for the new positions..

Administrators and police agree that the move was needed to carry out security plans... plus it gives students an opportunity to build positive relationships with the department.

"the faster the response the better, having someone on site makes all the difference and it's another example of what we like to call the one single heartbeat, when a group of people in a community come together and do whatever is necessary to protect children.

" "they're here in the morning when kids come to school, starting in kindergarten all the way up to high school, building relationships and doing different camps, junior police academy, the dare camps, teaching dare in school, gang prevention" the new officers will start in july.

Too often, the warning signs are there... hints of a mental health issue... áafterá a tragedy.

New school shootings are putting the topic back in the national conversation..... professionals gathered for a children's mental health summit in jackson today.

Courtney ann jackson has more on the conversation..

When you hear about mental health---your mind may not go to children.

But 1 in 5 children do struggle with it.

"we're ashamed.

There's a stigma associated with mental health.

So, people think well maybe they'll grow out of it.

They don't want to talk about it."

But dr. john damon says 80 percent of those kids---never get the help they need.

He hopes more cases can be caught before it crosses the line into a situation of violence or self-harm.

"the way they're pulling away from other kids at the playground.

They don't want to sit with anyone else at the lunch table.

They used to like playing basketball or on the baseball team but now they don't want to do that.

I notice that they're hanging out with a different group of friends than they used to."

On the law enforcement side- fbi jackson special agent in charge christopher freeze.

"many of those same kids are turning around and dramatically victimizing others.

Why is that?"

He couldn't help but think of that after learning of the colorado school shooting.

"what trauma must have been going on in their life that led them to this moment in time where they felt like their only recourse, their only action, was to take this course of action?

That's what i'm hoping to get at.

That's what i"m hoping to try to better understand."

Now, he's hoping people will follow the advice to speak up if behaviors seem "off".

"please don't be the filter of information.

Call local law enforcement.

That's our job.

Let us figure out how your piece of the puzzle fits in.

You may think you're the only person.

When in fact you may be the fifth, sixth or tenth person.

Now we have a great bigger and better understanding.

And so, your piece was vital."

Courtney ann jackson, wcbi news first look stinger first look summary: unsettled weather will continue from tonight all the way through sunday.

Several rounds of storms are possible in addition to more heavy rain.

Some locations may pick up another 2-5" between now and the end of the weekend.

Wednesday evening/night: we're going to watch a batch of strong showers and storms shining a light on history..... that was the lesson plan for students from the mississippi school for math and science..

Students led an eight o' may emancipation day program at columbus' historic sandfield cemetery they read poetry.... and gave musical and dramatic performances to tell the stories of the african americans who are buried in sandfield... organizers say the program helps educate the students and the public about the áfullá history of columbus..

"i think it's important for young people to recognize that our future is really shaped by our past.

I like to say it's not a black history, or white history, or your history, or my history, but it's our history.

These students are not only learning that but they're sharing that with the community."

M-s-m-s students have been hosting this event since 2006... the performance by students from m-s-m-s wasn't the only celebration at sandfield cemetery today... there was also a dedication ceremony as the cemetery is now an official historic landmark.

Getting the cemetery recognized has been in the works for the past four years.

With the site now being a landmark..

Residents believe it'll be shed light on on the rich history at the cemetery.... " we have to tell our children and our grandchildren and everybody else what this means.

It's not just the place where you walk through and throw your bags, and your garbage, or whatever, but these people here were trailblazers.

They paved the way for who we are today."

The r.e.

Hunt museum - the galaxy garden club - and george irby with the city of columbus, all worked together to make the recognition possible..

For one elementary teacher... áaverageá just won't cut it..

Debbie holloway teaches second grade at hamilton elementary..

She likes to keep every lesson interesting, and entertaining... that's one reason she's our educator of the week.

Holloway is getting her students ready for state tests.

They also have to reach their accelerated reading goals.

Even though she has been teaching for 33 years, she says being with her students never gets old..

"i want them to just love coming to school..wondering what's going to be...i don't lie them to have to sit at their desk the whole time...i like them to enjoy things...butted sot "i get in there and kid with them...they ask me why are you so smart and i'll say because i'm old as dirt."

To nominate your favorite teacher...visit wcbi dot com stinger take educator of the week billboard wx open summary: unsettled the way through sunday.

Several rounds of storms are possible in addition to more heavy rain.

Some locations may pick up another 2-5" between now and the end of the weekend.

Wednesday evening/night: we're going to watch a batch of strong showers and storms approach from the west.

It's expected to weaken as it gets east of i-55 but there is still the potential for some wind damage, heavy rain, and lightning.

Lows will generally be in the mid to upper 60s.

Southerly winds continue between 5 and 15 mph.

Thursday: some rain and storm activity may be around for the morning commute but a stronger wave of storms is expected to cross the area anytime from mid to late morning through the afternoon.

If this round of storms verifies you can expect the potential for damaging wind, quarter size hail, frequent lightning, and torrential rainfall.

While it's sometimes called the ásilent killerá... high blood pressure affects millions of americans.

In tonight's health talk with baptist, we take a look at some of the risk factors... no closed caption available is that causes are not risk factors and conditions make their on the development of high blood pressure being overweight or obese lack of physical activity too much salt in the diet too much alcohol consumption more than what two drinks per day stress builds genetics family history pressure chronic kidney disease's orders the dangers of hyperinflation they may not know that you have nearly 1/3 of people have high blood sugar high blood pressure is hardly as a precondition pressure because something symptoms related to the problem you're taking a chance i should note their blood pressure numbers and blood pressure developing eminent high blood pressure does not cause headaches accepting cases of christ estimates are also not a reliable indicator of high blood pressure is late because of factors leading to air allergies hold side effects blood thinners is not as an attempt to something pressure diagnosis only be made by a healthcare is a helpful baptist where we mention of fivestinger a historic night on the diamond in calhoun city... the wildcats are off to the 'ship.....highlights next in sports... spx the bulldogs needing to get through the midweek before its big weekend series with ole miss msu...undefeated in the midweek this year, they'd be tested in number thirteen keegan james on the mound for for the dawgs...taking on memphis... rough start for msu....1-0 with the bases loaded....kyle ouellette rips a liner down the third base line.....2-rbi base hit....memphis takes a 7-0 lead after top half of the first bulldogs battle back.....marshall gilbert with two on....a no doubter to left field....3 runs on the board in a hurry....7-4 memphis leads more dawgs on base in the fifth.....justin foscue delivers....base hit to left brings home tanner allen....another sac fly makes it a one run ball game until luke hancock ties it up with one swing....deep enough to left to bring home foscue...tie game elijah macnamee would deliver a clutch 2-run double in the 8th to give the bulldogs the dub msu now 13-0 in the midweek, defeats memphis 10-9 ole miss looks to defend homefield in a pivotal series this weekend versus missisisppi state the last time the two met at swayze in 2017....the bulldogs swept ole miss at home for the first time in more than a decade the rebels will look to take the momentum gained from winning the series at lsu into the top 15 matchup for oxford- natives grae kessinger and thomas dillard....this weekend means a lot more than most conference series "it's always fun.

I know a lot f the guys down there and grew up playing against them.

Growing up as a fan always wanting to beat them in anything and everything.

It definitely adds a little more and is always fun."

Being from mississippi.

Every sec series is huge but there's always that little extra factor when you're playing mississippi state so just gotta go out there and compete and it's a really fun series to be a part of so i'm looking forward to it this weekend."

"heading to the weekend we'll talk about the rivalry and what it's meant to both schools and how important it is because one of the things you realize is a lot of kids from the team aren't from mississippi.

We're in that era f social media and they've seen it from a far and here in football and basketball season so i don't think it's a surprise to any of them."

Mississippi state stays alive for another game in the sec tournament..... luckily the bulldogs were able to get the game in the bulldogs knocking off texas a&m in the first round play- in game....3-2 first team all- sec'er kat moore with 2 rbis in the win the victory for the bulldogs now pits them against 5-seed ole miss for rivalry softball...game would be postponed due to weather delays....the rebels and bulldogs scheduled to play at 12:30 pm on thursday calhoun city one win away from the 2a baseball state championship taking on lake.

Bottom 1st davione hull hits one to right field for a single.

That's gonna score the wildcats first run as they take a 1-0 lead.

Bottom 2nd, 1 on for tashone corbitt...takes this to deep right center.

Wildcats score another run.

Corbitt makes it to 2nd for a double.

Later in the inning, cats up 3- 0.

Peyton chandler hits one to center that gets behind the outfielder.

Wildcats score another run and chandler will make it to 3rd for a triple.

Calhoun city punches its first ever ticket to the baseball state championship...co mpleting the sweep of lake with the 7-1 win -- gordo hosting providence christian, lets jump to the bottom of the fifth inning of game one, cole smith rips this one down to the right side of the infield, past the diving second baseman..

That makes ti 10-3 providence... -- later in the inning providence still at it up 11-3, jake smith with a deep fly ball to left center field... runners waiting for this one to fall... it does.... this one plates two as providence pushes the lead to 10, its 13-3... gordo must score in the bottom of the inning to extend the game... but a flyout to center field ends it in game one... -- providence wins 13-3 in 5 innings in game one, and wins game two 6-5, sweeping gordo in the state semifinals lafayette takes game one of the 5a north half final over saltillo, 6- 5....game two scheduled for friday at 7 in saltillo stringer defeats hamilton 11-1 in game one of the 1a south half final.....game two scheduled for tomorrow at hamilton at 6 pm

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