Vulnerable Democrats face heavy pressure for supporting impeachment

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Published on December 17, 2019 - Duration: 02:15s

Vulnerable Democrats face heavy pressure for supporting impeachment

Democratic Representative Elissa Slotkin and other House Democrats who captured Republican-held districts in 2018 have come under heavy pressure from some voters and conservative groups after supporting impeachment.

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Vulnerable Democrats face heavy pressure for supporting impeachment

(upsound Democratic Rep.

Elissa Slotkin) As the House impeachment vote quickly approaches, Representative Elissa Slotkin is among a group of House Democrats who all captured Republican-held districts in 20-18 and are now coming under heavy pressure after announcing that they would vote for impeaching U.S President Donald Trump... (upsound town hall) At a packed town hall on Monday in Slotkin's Republican-leaning southeastern Michigan district, the former CIA and Department of Defense official announced she would back impeachment..

(broll from town hall) Most of the audience cheered but a crowd of protesters chanted and shouted for nearly the entire hour-long eventโ€ฆ Afterwards, Slotkin admitted that she knew what she was getting into with her announcement..


ELISSA SLOTKIN SAYING: "If I made a decision just simply made on political calculus then I wouldn't have come out for an inquiry.

I know my district, there is certainly a lot of controversy about this.

There just has to be a moment where you use the letter of the law for what they are intended.." Other Democrats who captured Republican-held districts like Representative Abigail Spanberger of Virginia and Joe Cunningham of South Carolina, announced their support for impeachmentโ€ฆ In September, Slotkin, Spanberger and five other Democrats who also have national security backgrounds helped pave the way for the impeachment inquiry of Trump when they wrote a column in the Washington Post backing the probe and calling the Ukraine scandal (quote) " a threat to all we have sworn to protect" Republican and conservative groups like American Action Network and America First Policies have cranked up the pressure on the column's authors, along with dozens of other Democrats in swing districts, ahead of the full House vote on impeachment this week.

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